Into the White Void

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Into the White Void
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Side quest
Occurs in
Act 3
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Into the White Void is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity.

It is connected to the Council of Stars and Court of the Penitents main quests.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Once you have reached the Frost-Hewn Breach you have a few options:

  • Allow them to leave this world by giving them the ice crystal. In this case, you will not be able to seal the breach. Yields Fangs: Moderate Negative and Twin Elms: Major Negative. When you return to Rymrgand, you need Intellect 19 to see a dialog option that will please him, or have the background explorer to get full experience for the quest (4374 if you have a full party of 6). Otherwise, it will end with only what you have so far (2922).
  • Kill them. Seal the breach by placing the ice crystal in the pedestal (not the door). Yields Fangs: Extraordinary Positive and Twin Elms: Major Positive, the loot contains a bunch of exceptional equipment. When you return to Rymrgand, as long as you justify your actions, you receive full experience.
  • Persuade them to return to their lands and seal the breach. To do this you will need to pass a Resolve check of 17. All the pale elves will leave the temple making it easier to loot. Yields Fangs: Major Positive and Twin Elms: Extraordinary Positive. This way will reward you after reporting to Rymrgand 4374 exp total for this quest.

Journal[edit | edit source]

ID End Description
10000 Rymrgand showed me a vision of a gate - the Frost-Hewn Breach - and the pale elves trying to open it. In the vision, the elves crumbled into snow, and I sealed the gate with an ice crystal that I still had when the waking dream ended.
1 Find Noonfrost in Twin Elms.
10001 The Frost-Hewn Breach appeared to be part of a temple called Noonfrost. If I can find Rymrgand's place of worship in Twin Elms, I may also find the meaning behind the vision.

The locals must know something about this place.

20000 Noonfrost lies in Oldsong. Apparently, it's frozen the lake there.
2 Locate the Frost-Hewn Breach in Noonfrost.
10002 I've found Noonfrost, Rymrgand's temple in Oldsong. The Frost-Hewn Breach must be here. When I find it, I can use the shard from the vision to close it according to Rymrgand's wishes.
3 Seal the Frost-Hewn Breach.
10003 Finally, I've found the Frost-Hewn Breach. Placing the shard in the frozen doorway will close it.
4 Return to Teir Evron in Elms' Reach.
10004 I've completed the task Rymrgand gave me. Now, I can return to Teir Evron to ask for his blessing.
5 Return to Teir Evron in Elms' Reach.
10005 I gave Glasvahl the shard, which allowed him to pass into the White Void. With the shard gone and the Frost-Hewn Breach still open, there's nowhere to go but back to Rymrgand.
30000 I closed the Frost-Hewn Breach in Noonfrost and prevented Glaswal and his clan from passing through it. Rymrgand, Ondra, and Skaen were pleased and have promised to help me descend the pit to Sun in Shadow.
30001 I allowed Glaswal and his clan to pass through the Frost-Hewn Breach, and I convinced Rymrgand that this also honors him. Rymrgand, Ondra, and Skaen vowed to help me descend the pit to Sun in Shadow.
30003 I allowed Glaswal and his clan to pass through the Frost-Hewn Breach. Rymrgand was displeased and has refused to aid me - I'll have to seek the help of another god.