Hunting Season

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Hunting Season
PE2 Druids.png
Side quest
Outcomes & Rewards
Kill the druids
Kill Okaya
Agree to help druids, then kill them

Hunting Season is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The port of Sayuka (north of Nekataka) has a conflict with druids native to the island. You can try to end the conflict by helping one of the sides.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • At certain point during your stay in Sayuka, Bog Druids will attack the settlement. Help defend it by killing all the enemies.
  • Speak with Fleet Master Okaya. She will ask you to travel to Bentbranch Bog and kill the Druid Leaders.
  • Travel to Bentbranch Bog.
  • Once there, a short cutscene will play during which a delemgan will summon a cluster of Assassin Vines, thus blocking the short path to the Druid Leaders. Take the long road around by venturing north, or try to clear the Vines (take care, as Vines are very strong range attackers and will burst down squishy group members in seconds). Keep in mind that you will most likely have to fight the delemgan as well as the Vines regardless of the path you choose.
  • Reach the Druids in the northeastern corner of the location. There will be four of them: the Druid of Spring, the Druid of Autumn, the Druid of Summer, and the Druid of Winter.
  • Talk to the Druids. You can either attack them outright, or attempt to resolve the situation peacefully. If latter, they will not agree and instead demand that you kill Fleet Master Okaya (ONLY if you have the Nature's Mark from Motare o Kozi, and diplomacy of at least 13, or you are a druid or ranger with diplomacy 13).
    • If you killed the Druids, find Saint Omaku's Mercy on the corpse of the Druid of Summer. Return to Fleet Master Okaya for Major Positive reputation with the Royal Deadfire Company, the unique Blunderbuss Xefa's Empirical Explication, a Concussion Bomb, 2 Grenades, and 3 Stun Bombs.
    • If you instead agree to kill Fleet Master Okaya, the Druids will grant you a unique War Bow, Saint Omaku's Mercy. You will, of course, lose Major Reputation with the Royal Deadfire Company if you follow through with the Druids' plan.
    • Alternatively, you can agree to help the druids to get the bow (if Maia is in the party, you will lose moderate reputation with her - only tested when relationship at 2, but probably the same regardless). Then, kill the druids so that you can claim the reward from Okaya. As a side note, this choice also gives you better field positioning against the druids, which can be a nasty battle if you are ill-prepared since there are so many casters.
  • Return to Sayuka.
    • If Maia was present during the deal with the druids and is still in your party as you walk into the Fleet Master's office, she will betray you, instantly warning Fleet Master Okaya of your plans and becoming an enemy.
    • Otherwise, you can inform Okaya about the Druids' offer for a Reasonable or Honest reputation bonus.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The unique War Bow, Saint Omaku's Mercy, is of Superb quality and has two unique traits: Heavy Draw (-20% action speed, +1 Penetration, + Damage scaling with Survival skill) and Galawain's Favor (restore health to nearby allies on getting a kill, scaling with Religion)
  • The Druids will attack you if you pick any dialogue choice besides upper three ones: Druid check, Ranger check, or 13 Diplomacy. If you can pick any of these, they will make their offer, but you can still refuse and attack them.
  • If you kill Okaya, most NPC's in the city will attack you when you leave the building. Be prepared.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]