Honor Among Thieves

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Honor Among Thieves
PE2 Honor Among Thieves.png
Faction quest
Quest giver
Outcomes & Rewards
Complete the quest for Furrante
  • Hel Beckoning: For killing Aeldys in Fort DeadlightNeed verification for choice-result
  • Fleetbreaker: For killing Aeldys in Balefire Beacon
Complete the quest for Aeldys
Wipe out the Principi leadership
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The Coming Storm

Honor Among Thieves is a faction quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Furrante has charged Aeldys with having committed crimes of defiance, negligence, excessive cruelty, and sedition against the Príncipi. The Council of Captains has voted to execute Aeldys, however, she is the only one who knows the means for which to summon the Floating Hangman - information Furrante needs before Aeldys can hang.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Your good pal Captain Furrante wants to eliminate Captain Aeldys as potential leader of the Deadfire pirates and use her knowledge to seize the Floating Hangman, a mysterious ship. He sends you to carry out the execution. He has already secured the consent of the Consuaglo by accusing her of sacrificing a Principi crew to lure out the Floating Hangman.

The following steps depend on how you dealt with Benweth.

If Benweth is alive, Aeldys is already in custody and has been tortured for hours on top of Balefire Beacon:

  • Free her and slaughter everyone else: Freeing Aeldys will turn all other pirates hostile. Kill everyone, and Aeldys will take over as head of the Council. You can loot Furrante's Breastplate from Furrante's corpse, and will recveive Scordeo's Edge from Aeldys. You'll also loot Benweth's suolenet. Talking to Two-Eyed Pim, you can insist on having a seat on the Council.
  • Convince her to cooperate: Use Insight 7 to suggest it's her ego talking. Through the dialogue you can have her offer to take Clussa's Voyage in return for the Hangman's secret. You can convince Furrante make the offer too, before talking to her, using Insight 12 or Intellect 16.
  • Kill her and read her soul: Talking to Aeldys at the roof of the Balefire Beacon, you will discover that she's commited the information she found regarding the Floating Hangman to memory, in order to be too valuable to kill outright. You can point out to her that, as a Watcher, you could simply kill her and read the memories of her soul. Which is exactly what you can do (using the attack option in the tool bar). Furrante will be slightly miffed that he couldn't have a bit more circus around her death, but that's "neither here nor there now". You'll receive Fleetbreaker as a rewards.
Note: Hel Beckoning will not be lootable from Aeldys' corpse when killing her on the roof.

If Benweth was killed, you need to confront Aeldys in the Fort Deadlight command room. You can kill her and take the information you need from her corpse. This yields you the unique sword Hel Beckoning as loot, but you'll have to fight your way out of the fort.

Or you can tell Aeldys about Furrante's plan, and ally with her to take him out instead. This can lead to a violent confrontation at the Balefire Beacon in Dunnage, causing much loss of reputation with the Principí as you kill all the pirates in the throne room. By way of reward, you receive Scordeo's Edge and Blackblade's Hood from Aeldys.

Alternatively, with enough proof, you can turn the council against Furrante by exposing his involvement with the slave trade and his secret alliance with the Vailian Trading Company. In Furrante's office (southwestern corner of Balefire Beacon) there's a locked chest containing a letter from Ignato Castol, discussing their secret alliance. You can easily unlock the chest with a total lockpicking skill of 13 or higher, or you can attempt to pickpocket Furrante for his key.

Either way, the leadership matter is settled - and it's time to catch a Death Guard.

Note: Killing everyone (Aeldys and Furrante) seems to result in Honor Among Thieves and A Dance with Death failing.
Note: Need information on how to make Two-Eyed Pim to inherit the Principi, without failing the quests, if at all possible.