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Biography and appearance
Race Hearth orlan
Gender Male
Culture Eir Glanfath
Background Drifter
Class Druid
Attributes Mig: 14 Con: 13 Dex: 13 Per: 13 Int: 15 Res: 10
Location Stormwall Gorge
Quests True to Form
Companion Permanent
Internal Name

Hiravias is a male Orlan druid found in Pillars of Eternity. He is one of the possible companions in the game. Hiravias can be found and recruited in Stormwall Gorge, near the eastern end.

Background[edit | edit source]

The 32 years old, middle-aged Orlan is noticeable immediately, if not for his damaged eye and ear, then for a mane of autumn color or his energetic, overcompensating swagger. Hiravias was raised amongst migrants and has never owned a bookshelf or chest of drawers. He’s festooned in pouches and satchels that contain all manner of campaign gear, writing implements, ceremonial items, and half-eaten bits of food.[1]

The runty Glanfathan orlan failed to earn his peers’ respect as a hunter and instead chose to become a druid of Galawain. In his quest to learn to shapeshift, he prayed to Galawain and was in turn mauled by an autumn staelgar, which turned out to be his shapeshifting form. This was a bad omen to his tribe and he was cast out. It turns out that he is the owner of one half of a soul that was perfectly cleft in two. The other half was absorbed by a druid in Twin Elms as part of a ritual sacrifice. In wanting to learn more about his form and why he was mauled, he turned away from Galawain and toward Wael. Ultimately, the question is whether he is stronger as a complete person or as a seeker of mysteries that embraces the unknown.[1]

Companion Quest[edit | edit source]

To receive Hiravias' companion quest, True to Form ask him about his spiritshift form after adding him to the party. You will not be able to progress it until Act 3, when Twin Elms becomes available.

Hiravias will want to speak to the druids at Twin Elms to see if they know more of his Autumn Stelgaer spiritshift form. After speaking with Tamrwn or Naca in Twin Elms, read the four stone tablets in the Blood Sands cavern. Then travel to Burial Island to face off with a druid that shares Galawain’s blessing.

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