High Abbot Kaoto

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PX2 Kaoto.png
Biography and appearance
Game The White March - Part II
Race Island aumaua
Gender Male
Faction High Tide
Deity Ondra
Location The Abbey of the Fallen Moon
Quests The Rising Tide

Kaoto is the High Abbot of the Abbey of the Fallen Moon in The White March - Part II.

He can be found in the Halls of Presence inside the Abbey of the Fallen Moon during the main quest The Rising Tide.


Where the other Ondrites in the abbey are clad in drab, functional garments, this aumaua seems dressed for an occasion. His robe is bright and glossy. His neck and arms are bedecked with jewelry. The symbols of his goddess are crowded into every available space. The Abbot is currently waiting for the arrival of the Tidebringer, elected by the Ondrite conclave. He is one of the highest ranking officials in the Ondrite cult, whose faith (some would say fanaticism) was never once called into question, making him a natural choice for the position of Abbot of the secret Abbey.


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This character is involved in quests.

The Rising Tide


  • The Rising Tide: Kaoto is either felled by your blade or tricked into believing that you are the Tidecaster.