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Biography and appearance
Race Meadow human
Gender Male
Culture Aedyr Empire
Class Rogue
Location Encampment
Quests A Moment's Respite
Ruins of Cilant Lis
Services Merchant (armor and weapons)
Companion Temporary

Heodan is a merchant and recruitable temporary companion in Pillars of Eternity.

He is a rogue from the Aedyr Empire trying to establish a new business in the Gilded Vale region. He is first encountered in the Caravan Encampment, where he will initially sell items to the player and engage in some light conversation.

Store[edit | edit source]

Prior to the completion of A Moment's Respite, Heodan sells a variety of basic items from the back of his wagon. Once the player completes the quest, his services will no longer be available.

Name Cost Amount
Flint and Tinder 2 cp 2
Potion of Minor Regeneration 0 cp 1
Lockpick 5 cp 3
Crossbow 20 cp 1
Dagger 10 cp 2
Flail 10 cp 1
Quarterstaff 20 cp 1
Sword 10 cp 1
War bow 20 cp 1
Rapier 10 cp 1
Hunting bow 20 cp 1
Rod 10 cp 1
Battle axe 10 cp 1
Pike 20 cp 1
Brigandine 0 cp 1
Leather armor 20 cp 1
Padded armor 20 cp 1
Hide armor 20 cp 1
Small shield 10 cp 1
Medium shield 10 cp 1

Notes[edit | edit source]

Heodan buys items for around 375% of their base value, which makes selling to him particularly advantageous at the beginning of the game. He will buy your starting equipment as well as Calisca's (which will net several hundred CP), but most notably, he will buy The Disappointer for 750cp*. This method allows the player to earn over a thousand CP before ever leaving the Encampment, which makes getting started in Gilded Vale significantly easier.

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