Helping Hands

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Helping Hands
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NPCs involved
Outcomes & Rewards
Complete the quest
  • Four/three crew members to start

Helping Hands is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Defiant has run aground, and its crew is dead or scattered. A crew will be of use in maneuvering the ship. Perhaps there are survivors somewhere on the beach. There may be more survivors to be found.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • The goal is to collect the remnants of your crew. There are several to be had:
    • Irrena is up on the deck and needs Survival 2 or Lay on Hands to heal her or Athletics 2/Might 15 to help her down from the ship. If you have no Survival, Eder's party assist should help.
    • Chitupec is near the center of the beach if you elected to save him during the prologue and will point you towards Beodulf in the cave.
    • Eld Engrim is the easiest to get, as he's waiting just up the road.
    • Beodul is located inside the cave, near the upper center, surrounded by a ton of bear traps. You can disable the traps (Mechanics 1), guide him through (Perception 11), call him a coward and make him pass through them (Bluff 2), or set the traps off with stones (Intellect 13 or Sleight of Hand 2). Alternatively, you can initiate combat with the enemy construct to the East, use it to activate one of the traps, and if Beodul survives combat, he will be freed.
  • Gathering them up completes the quest.