Helig of Thein

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Helig of Thein
PE1 Helig of Thein.png
Biography and appearance
Game Pillars of Eternity
Race Undead human
Gender Male
Class Wizard
Location Copperlane Catacombs
Quests A Voice from the Past
Neck Soulward Amulet
Body Fine Robe
Grimoire Helig's Grimoire
Weapon Fine Scepter
Internal Name
I was one of the first animancers in the Dyrwood. Practiced necromancy, too…

Helig of Thein is an undead wizard and animancer in Pillars of Eternity.

He has set up a lab in the Copperlane Catacombs.


A lone figure in tattered robes shuffles across the chamber, muttering under its breath. As you approach, the figure halts and swivels its head toward you. Its haggard visage is a labyrinth of wrinkles and sores overgrown by a moss-like beard.

Helig of Thein is the former assistant of the legendary Pandgram, taken on when Pandgram's research had reached the point where he could no longer conduct research on his own. Soon after he accepted the position, Helig was making trips to Eir Glanfath in Pandgram's stead, gathering knowledge while Pandgram stayed behind to experiment. This partnership quickly bore fruit and Pandgram made a breakthrough - one that would irrevocably change his life and the general attitude about animancy forever. While the specifics of his experimentation will never truly be known, the rumors and stories that still circulate tell that he had sent out inquiries, asking for live subjects for help with a dangerous experiment that might change their life - or might end it. Those who were already dying were especially encouraged to apply. Response was overwhelming and Pandgram had his pick of numerous willing bodies. That is when he had his breakthrough. He discovered a way to fix a soul, anchoring it to its body so it couldn't leave at death: He had discovered eternal life.[1]

His research and life's work had resulted in the greatest single discovery that animancy could hope for. His findings were published and quickly spread through Vailia - and beyond. While some groups - the Woedican church, for example - decried his work as nothing more than blasphemy and heresy, many put it to practice. Everyone wanted the chance at immortality. However, it quickly became apparent that simply restraining the soul, while keeping the person technically "alive," was doing nothing for the body, which continued to decay - devolving and warping the soul now trapped inside it. The creatures it created were dangerous - carnivorous beasts that killed brutally and indiscriminately. The backlash was ruthless. The practice of Pandgram's discoveries was outlawed. His works were collected and burned. He and Helig were branded heretics and hunted, chased from town to town until Pandgram simply vanished.[1]

Hounded by numerous adventuring parties, Helig left a trail of bodies in his wake, from Solace Vale to Midwood. They fared poorly: Around 2763 AI Dalton and the Northwatch Rangers caught up with him just west of the Lake of Drowned Tombs, as he tried to flee to the Vailian Republics. Helig made short work of the party, killing all but their leader. However, his luck eventually ran out and he was tracked down, captured, and brought to trial for the atrocities committed against Vailia and its people. The trial was barely more than a formality to bring charges against him as everyone knew what hand he had played in the disaster. He was sent to prison for years, but eventually released once public outrage died down. Not long after his parole, he disappeared as well.[1]

He moved to Defiance Bay when animancy started gaining popularity, in hopes of finding a place where his research would meet with more acceptance. He started work at the Brackenbury Sanitarium and continued his research unimpeded for a few months before he met Moedred. The two immediately came to blows and the situation gradually escalated into death threats. Around 2823 AI, things came to a head and Moedred plunged a dagger into Helig's body while he slept, then dumped his colleague's body in the catacombs. However, Helig planned for this eventuality and through a combination of Engwithan techniques and his own research, permanently attached his soul to his body and prevented the decay of his mind. He bides his time, continuing his research beneath Copperlane, looking for a way to achieve revenge.[2]


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This character is involved in quests.

A Voice from the Past


  • A Voice from the Past: A man name Dalton believes he can hear the screams of his lost love, Rowyna, from the Catacombs. This turns out to be true, and Helig can be found in the catacombs along with several Revenants. Helig will agree to give the player Rowyna's amulet if they take back Helig's grimoire from Moedred. The player will then be given a key which Helig says unlocks a chest in Moedred's lab. It turns out that Helig's request is a complete fabrication, and Moedred does not even know that Helig is still operating under Defiance Bay. He will request that The Watcher kill Helig for his various crimes. If the chest is opened, a wicht will pop out and kill Moedred. If Helig's request was fulfilled, he will give the player the Soulward Amulet. Otherwise, he will attack, and will need to be killed to recover the amulet.