Hard Bargain

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Hard Bargain
PE1 Alarhi.png
Occurs in
Act 3
Quest giver
NPCs involved
Experience gained
XP type
XP level
Outcomes & Rewards
Kill Alarhî and return Rinatto's money
  • Twin Elms: Moderate Negative reputation
  • Rinatto start selling traps
Persuade Alarhî and return Rinatto's money
Help Alarhî and show Rinatto the beetle cage
Help Alarhî and make Rinatto leave town

Hard Bargain is a task in Pillars of Eternity.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

A Vailian named Rinatto arrived at Twin Elms hoping to cure his problem: Namely, his penis can no longer sustain a proper erection. Masquerading his purchase as a trading contract, he purchased herbs called Elardh Holah to cure it. What he failed to consider is the possibility that he is simply too old for them to work.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Meet Rinatto at near the entrance to the Celestial Sapling Inn in Hearthsong. He claims that Alarhî sold him some herbs that don't work. He asks you to go to Alarhî in Hearthsong Market and get his money back.

In Hearthsong Market, speak to Iŵen to learn that Alarhî has gone home. Alarhî's home is the north central home in Hearthsong, just west of the exit.

When you speak to Alarhî, she tells you that the herbs are fine, and that Rinatto's penis is too old and withered for them to work. She will also note that slandering one's host is a breach of etiquette and insist on throwing him out of Twin Elms by accusing him of robbing Engwithan ruins. At this point, you have three options:

  • You can insist that Alarhî return the money, and then fight her and her entourage.
  • With 10 Lore or Twin Elms Reputation 4 (Champion), you can persuade Alarhî that returning the money would better serve her tribe's reputation. You receive Rinatto's Money. You also get a Tiny Beetle.
  • You can agree to her plan to try to convince Rinatto to leave.

Return to Rinatto.

  • If you return his money, he will move into Celestial Sapling Inn and start selling traps. (Twin Elms: Moderate Negative)
  • If you give him the message from Alarhî you will get the option to do a Dexterity 15, Constitution 13, or Resolve 15 check, or an "I wouldn't do that" choice which all end up in Rinatto killed in a cutscene (you can loot him for an Exceptional Blunderbuss, worth 1000 Copper pands (cp)). Instead of speaking to him, you can also just attack and kill him (the two non-Glanfathian NPCs nearby will join the fight, however not the Glanfathans, no reputation change at all). When you report to Alarhî you get a Moderate positive reputation increase for Twin Elms and 1200 Copper pands (cp).
  • If you threaten his reputation (deceptive) you will be able to either give a Diplomatic response, or with 18 might an aggressive response, to convince him to leave town. When you report to Alarhî you get a Major positive reputation increase for Twin Elms and 1200 Copper pands (cp), and a 10% discount in Alarhî's shop.

You will get a Tiny Beetle pet whatever you do, unless you kill Alarhî.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you made Rinatto leave town, he will be waiting to intercept you in Elmshore with a bunch of thugs as revenge for being expelled. You can loot his exceptional blunderbuss, and his Grimoire, an exceptional morning star and a bunch of fine equipment and some money, equalling several thousand Copper pands (cp).
  • You must have spoken to Anamenfath Bethwl in the Passage of the Six before you can get Rinatto to leave peacefully, as coercing him into leaving relies upon the Glanfathans knowing you're a Watcher.