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Hand Occult
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Secret cult

The Hand Occult is a secretive organization dedicated to the god Wael. They deal with the flow of knowledge, as they hide as much as they make available to others.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

The Hand Occult is an inner sect of elite Wael's priests, authors and scribes writing under pseudonyms who attempt to control the flow of esoteric knowledge. Some academics believe there is a more sinister side to the Hand Occult, but most scholars find the strange scribes's activities more bizzare and silly than malicious.[1]

Is it perhaps appropriate that the Hand's objective is cloaked in mystery, as the members of this order are followers of the god Wael. The Hand are primarily a coalition of scribes and writers who circulate information through popular books and periodicals—most notably Almanac of the Eastern ReachFor Colonists, Explorers, and Curiosity-Seekers. While they go to great lengths to distribute the written word from their publication houses, they put as much effort toward buying out or intimidating competitors into silence. Some rivals have even attributed the stifling of new printing technology to the intervention of the Hand.[1]

Whether they seek to spread the written world from a controlled source, or disseminate misinformation, is not known. The most to be inferred of the Hand's motives that they seek to regulate the flow of knowledge, which makes them a powerful ally and a formidable foe.[1]

Forgotten Sanctum[edit | edit source]

The Watcher learns that the Hand has removed the existence of the archmage Fyonlecg from the memory and records of everyone and everything in Eora. They also kidnapped Bekarna and tried to remove her research about the stars.

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