Halls of Presence

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Halls of Presence
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The White March - Part II
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The Halls of Presence is a location in The White March - Part II.


The heart of the Abbey containing the livinq quarters for the monks (the Crested Quarters and Hall), Chamber of the Fallen Moon, the office of the High Abbot, and the Salt Well and the Vault of Forgotten Things, filled with coral growing over things discarded and abandoned, forgotten by people and time.

Points of interest[edit]

  • The beautiful interior of the Abbey, with elegant corridors covered in mosaics, granite plates, and filled with faithful Ondrites. Unless you slaughter your way in, you can walk around with impunity and grab everything.
  • The main entrance opens into a chamber with a sculpture made by, apparently, Ondra, and the chamber of the Fallen Moon beyond. The side entrance is just a short walk down the chamber to the southeast (with stairs leading to The Reliquary).
  • The cave to the northeast connects to a library with a number of books, including The Sea and Her Love, Tides and Moons: A Natural Historian's Account, and especially The Giftbearer's Pilgrimage. The other room holds the Vault of Forgotten Things which is part of Maneha's companion quest and requires permission from the Abbot to enter. There is also a staircase going down to the Halls of Silence.
  • To the northwest are natural caves that connect to the Abbey's ramparts and hold The Crested Hall (mess hall for the faithful) and Ondrite quarters (grab the Ondrite quarters' key from the box on the table). The caves house the food stores, fire pit, and some foodstuffs for you to loot. The adjacent room, Crested Quarters, contains the cots where the Ondrites sleep. There are stairs down into the Halls of Silence to the northwest.
  • The central chamber of the Abbey is the Chamber of the Fallen Moon, where a massive crystal, its jagged edges iridescent with an unearthly glow, pierces through the dome. Mosaics and tiles have been carefully arranged around the strange rock, a shrine to Ondra's deeds. Giftbearer Beasca stands over the pool.
  • To the northeast is the Hall of the Tidal Wave, the office of High Abbot Kaoto. Around the back are the High Abbott's personal quarters, with the Journal of the High Abbott in the trapped chest.


Notable loot[edit]