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Typical Wizard Grimoire

Grimoires are equippable items in Pillars of Eternity that only Wizards can use. They are used to cast spells.

Grimoires[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Notes
Grimoire01 icon.png Aloth's Grimoire Starting Grimoire of Aloth.
Grimoire03 icon.png Apprentice's Tome Grimoire used by Bog Cult Apprentice in Mowrghek Îen.[WM2]
Grimoire05 icon.png Arcanist's Treatise Grimoire used by Arcanist Badrwn in Mowrghek Îen.[WM2]
Grimoire01 icon.png Battlemage Grimoire Grimoire used by Aedyran Battlemage at Yenwood Field during quest The Battle of Yenwood Field.
Grimoire05 icon.png Battle-worn Grimoire Grimoire found in Crägholdt's tall bookshelves as semi random loot.(Loot table is re-rollable if you save and reload)[WM1]
Grimoire02 icon.png Blood-soaked Grimoire Used by a Wizard of Kolsc's inside the house at Magran's Fork during Lord of a Barren Land, should you side with Raedric.
Grimoire04 icon.png Blood-spattered Grimoire Can be looted from Mercenary Mage in Northweald.
Grimoire04 icon.png Dwarven Tome Can be looted in the Western tower of Durgan's Battery.
Grimoire01 icon.png Elvara's Grimoire Grimoire used by Elvara Zylthain located at Aedelwan Bridge during the task The Forgotten.
Grimoire05 icon.png Embossed Grimoire Grimoire used by Doemenel Wizard accompanying Danna in Ondra's Gift (Vailian Trading Company) or Copperlane (Goose and Fox) during the At All Costs quest.
Grimoire04 icon.png Faded Grimoire Grimoire used by the Hooded Woman (Wizard) near Nyfre during the task Cat and Mouse.
Grimoire03 icon.png Falanroed's Grimoire Grimoire used by Falanroed in Black Meadow as part of The Master Below quest.
Grimoire01 icon.png Gilt Grimoire Grimoire used by Eothasian Warmage during Bounty: Thorfen.
Grimoire02 icon.png Glasvahl's Grimoire Noonfrost, Oldsong
Grimoire01 icon.png Grimoire Starting Grimoire for every created wizard.
Grimoire04 icon.png Grimoire of a Dozens Wizard Grimoire used by a Dozens wizard in Anslög's Compass, during Winds of Steel.
Grimoire04 icon.png Grimoire of the Elements Can be acquired during Bounty: High Arcanist Ysly.
Used by a Mercenary Warmage in Crägholdt Bluffs.[WM1]
Grimoire02 icon.png Grimoire of the Secret Order Copperlane Catacombs, Temple of Woedica. Can be looted from a Leaden Key Agent (Wizard) during an invasion Event at Caed Nua.
Grimoire02 icon.png Harkeen's Grimoire Grimoire used by Harkeen Willthorm located at Aedelwan Bridge during the task The Forgotten.
Grimoire01 icon.png Helig's Grimoire Grimoire used by Helig, located at Catacombs in Copperlane.
Grimoire05 icon.png Iben's Grimoire Grimoire used by Iben in Woodend Plains during the task The Parable of Wael.
Grimoire02 icon.png Iron-bound Grimoire Grimoire used by Elfya during the task Nest Egg.
Grimoire05 icon.png Leaden Key Wizard Grimoire Grimoire used by Leaden Key Wizard at the beginning of Act 2 at Stormwall Gorge in the previously flooded lower level.
Grimoire01 icon.png Looter's Spellguide Grimoire used by Brigand Mage at Whitestone Hollow.[WM2]
Grimoire05 icon.png Ludrana's Grimoire Grimoire used by Ludrana in Magran's Fork.
Grimoire02 icon.png Maerwald's Grimoire Grimoire used by Maerwald, located in The Endless Paths of Od Nua, beneath Caed Nua during The Old Watcher quest.
Grimoire01 icon.png Mercenary's Grimoire Dropped by a Bandit Wizard during an attack on Caed Nua.
Grimoire02 icon.png Minoletta's Grimoire Located in the Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 15, beneath Caed Nua; may be found on completion of The Master Below quest in Adragon's treasure horde.
Grimoire04 icon.png Mildewed Grimoire Grimoire used by Nedyn in Woodend Plains after turning her in to Grimda.
Grimoire01 icon.png Novice's Grimoire Grimoire used by Assassins (Wizard) in Defiance Bay and Shrouded Men/Women Wizards in the Temple of Woedica.
Grimoire01 icon.png Nyrid's Grimoire Grimoire used by Nyrid, located at Purnisc's House in Copperlane.
Grimoire03 icon.png Osrya's Grimoire Grimoire used by Osrya located at Raedric's Hold Dungeons.
Grimoire02 icon.png Pale Elf Wizard's Grimoire Noonfrost, Oldsong
Grimoire01 icon.png Pelden's Grimoire Grimoire used by Pelden in Crägholdt.[WM1]
Grimoire01 icon.png Rinatto's Grimoire Grimoire looted off of Rinatto after the quest Hard Bargain, should you side against him and you kill him during his ambush against you.
Grimoire03 icon.png Sabel's Grimoire Grimoire used by Sabel in Crägholdt.[WM1]
Grimoire01 icon.png Sapper's Tome Grimoire used by Norwaech Sapper during Bounty: Songsmith Roska in Clîaban Rilag
Grimoire04 icon.png Singed Grimoire Grimoire used by Ondra's Spellweaver in Stalwart's Temple of Ondra and Mercenary Wizard with Urthal.[WM1]
Grimoire01 icon.png Sorcerer's Volume Can be acquired during Bounty: High Arcanist Ysly from Telaneir Sorcerers.
Grimoire02 icon.png Spellwright's Tome Grimoire used by Spellwrights located in Raedric's Hold.
Grimoire01 icon.png Surica's Grimoire Grimoire used by Surica, located at Thieves' Hideout in Copperlane.
Grimoire03 icon.png The Leaves Of Essence Grimoire found on a table beside Krivi on level 12 of the Endless Paths of Od Nua.
Grimoire05 icon.png Warlock's Codex Used by Iron Flail Warlock at Iron Flail Fort.[WM2]
Grimoire01 icon.png Waterlogged Grimoire Grimoire used by Thug located with Bragan in Ondra's Gift during the task Brave Derrin.
Grimoire01 icon.png Weathered Grimoire Used by Outlaw Wizard at Magran's Fork during the task Bounty: Sly Cyrdel.
Used by another Outlaw Wizard at Durgan's Battery during Risk Tolerance.[WM2]
Grimoire05 icon.png Willbreaker Sky Dragon Hoard in Temple of Hylea
Grimoire02 icon.png Winters' Woes Grimoire found on a bookshelf in Noonfrost - Study.

Unique Grimoires[edit | edit source]

These Grimoires contain spells which cannot be obtained from any other source, including level ups.

Icon Name Notes Specific spells
Llengrath's Grimoire Grimoire used by Archmage Llengrath located at Mowrghek Îen during the quest The Phylactery's Promise Llengrath's Mental Shields, Llengrath's Physical Shields, Llengrath's Blunt Wisdom, Llengrath's Siphoning Image, Llengrath's Dread Haze
The ironclasped icon.png The Ironclasped Grimoire used by Archmage Concelhaut located at Crägholdt during the quest Siege of Crägholdt Concelhaut's Draining Missiles, Concelhaut's Crushing Doom
Ninagauth's Black Pages Grimoire stolen from Archmage Ninagauth, found in a hidden stash near Galvino's workshop which appears after finding a treasure map in Russetwood Ninagauth's Shadowflame, Ninagauth's Death Ray
Grimoire04 icon.png Grimoire of the Tides The Abbey of the Fallen Moon: By the main entrance, locked chest.
Also dropped by various Ondrite Spellseers and Fanatic Wizards.
Ninagauth's Shadowflame

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