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Gloves are clothing in Pillars of Eternity. They use the Hands inventory slot.

Description[edit | edit source]

Gloves, gauntlets, and bracers offer a variety of benefits. While some grant protection in combat, many have magical properties that empower the wearer in other ways.

Gloves[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Value Enchantments Location
Glove archers icon.png Archer's Gloves
450coppers (cp)
Glove blood testament icon.png Blood Testament (Monk) 110coppers (cp)
Glove forgemasters icon.png Forgemaster's Gloves 510coppers (cp)
Glove fulvano icon.png Fulvano's Gloves 410coppers (cp)
Glittering Gauntlets 810coppers (cp)
Glove manipulation icon.png Gloves of Manipulation
310coppers (cp)
Glove gyrges icon.png Gyrges' Gloves 210coppers (cp)
Glove healing hands icon.png Healing Hands 410coppers (cp)
Glove killers work icon.png Killer's Work (Rogue) 110coppers (cp)
Glove rabbit fur icon.png Rabbit Fur Gloves 210coppers (cp)

Gauntlets[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Value Enchantments Location
Gauntlet deflection icon.png Bracers of Deflection 610coppers (cp)
Gauntlet enduring icon.png Bracers of Enduring 610coppers (cp)
Gauntlet spiritual power icon.png Bracers of Spiritual Power 110coppers (cp)
Gage for the countess icon.png Comtessa's Gage [WM2]
210coppers (cp)
Gauntlet accuracy icon.png Gauntlets of Accuracy 210coppers (cp)
Gauntlet ogre might icon.png Gauntlets of Ogre Might 410coppers (cp)
Gauntlet puissant melee icon.png Gauntlets of Puissant Melee 110coppers (cp)
Gauntlet swift action icon.png Gauntlets of Swift Action 210coppers (cp)
Gauntlet minor deflection icon.png Minor Bracers of Deflection 310coppers (cp)
Gauntlet minor accuracy icon.png Minor Gauntlets of Accuracy 110coppers (cp)
Gauntlet light 01 icon.png Pilferer's Grip [WM1] 610coppers (cp)
Gauntlet light 01 icon.png Ryona's Vambraces [WM1] 910coppers (cp)
Gauntlet light 01 icon.png Ryona's Vambraces [WM1] 910coppers (cp)
Siegebreaker gauntlets icon.png Siegebreaker Gauntlets [WM2] 1,010coppers (cp)
Gauntlet spirit spiral icon.png Spirit Spiral 310coppers (cp)