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A Gem is an item type in Pillars of Eternity. They are needed to craft or enchant items. Gems can be found in the world or they can be bought from shops.

Types of Gems[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Value

Adra icon.png Adra 3coppers (cp)
Agate icon.png Agate 5coppers (cp)
Amethyst icon.png Amethyst 10coppers (cp)
Bloodstone icon.png Bloodstone 25coppers (cp)
Diamond icon.png Diamond 350coppers (cp)
Emerald icon.png Emerald 750coppers (cp)
Garnet icon.png Garnet 85coppers (cp)
Heart of white march icon.png Heart of the White March
Jasper icon.png Jasper 15coppers (cp)
Moonstone icon.png Moonstone 25coppers (cp)
Opal icon.png Opal 150coppers (cp)
Pearl icon.png Pearl 100coppers (cp)
Peridot icon.png Peridot 50coppers (cp)
Ruby icon.png Ruby 850coppers (cp)
Sapphire icon.png Sapphire 950coppers (cp)
Ta ondra tara icon.png Tâ Ondra Tara 250coppers (cp)
Topaz icon.png Topaz 500coppers (cp)
Turquoise icon.png Turquoise 12coppers (cp)
Velune icon.png Velune 65coppers (cp)