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Fulvano is a semi-famous explorer hailing from the Vailian Republics. He is known as an eccentric traveller with a wish to see the world, and he prefers to travel by foot wherever possible, claiming to do so in order to gain the locals' appreciation of the sights, sounds, and smells of the lands he passed through. In practice, however, Fulvano often claimed that his explorations proved only that the world outside of the Vailian Republics was a foul, smelly place that paled in comparison to his homeland.

Plenty of evidence of his travels can be found, especially in the locations around Gilded Vale. Notably, in Anslög's Compass, three dropped pages from his journal can be found, wherein he writes about several meetings with fellow travellers in the areas around Gilded Vale. Fulvano would give each of these travellers a gift, namely some of his own travelling gear, before parting with them, in order to help them on their own journeys. Ironically, all three of these travellers can be found killed by wildlife in various locations not far from where Fulvano describes meeting them. A corpse near a Xaurip encampment in Anslög's Compass possesses a note written by Fulvano which seems to hint that the corpse laying there is actually him (though it is only named 'Dead Vailian'). The note, having been cut off mid-sentence, heavily implies that he was attacked and killed before he could finish writing it.

During the Pillars of Eternity II crowdfunding campaign, a map of 'Fulvano's Voyage' in the Deadfire Archipelago was revealed. Each location Fulvano discovered on the map was unlocked at certain stretch goal tiers, to be included as actual locations in the game upon release. At the end of this event, the final map image shows a note written by Fulvano stating that he planned to retire to the Eastern Reaches (where the first game takes place). This seems to also imply that he created the map before the events of the first game, then traveled to the Eastern Reaches where he then (presumably) died.

Fulvano's gear[edit | edit source]