Forbidden Fist (ability)

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Forbidden Fist
Forbidden fist icon.png
Learn type
Learn level
1 (Single) / 1 (Multi)
Source cost
Cast time
0.5 sec
Recovery time
3.0 sec
Quiet (Use) / Loud (Impact)
Interrupts On
Ability ID

Forbidden Fist is an ability in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.
Perform a forbidden technique that projects a part of the soul in a blast of pure force. Those struck are Interrupted and Enfeebled. The damage of this effect is greatly increased if the monk's soul is cursed.

After each use the monk's soul will be cursed for a short time, increasing the Wound cost and Damage of Forbidden Fist as well as increasing the duration of any existing curses. Each curse afflicting the monk's soul will continually cause damage.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Forbidden Curse[edit | edit source]

Forbidden Curse stacks up to 10 times. Each stack has the following effects:

  • +6.0 sec duration of Forbidden Curse
    As this effect is considered a hostile effect, its duration is scaled with Resolve (and not Intellect).
    Each effect in the stack is tracked separately and has its own duration and timer. For all intents and purposes, one one timer - the latest - is decremented at a time. When a new effect is added to the stack, the timer on the previous effect is paused. When the timer reaches zero, the new effect is removed and the timer of the previous effect is resumed where it left off.

    How the duration is calculated and applied is a bit strange and in cases inconsistent. The duration of the new effect being added to the stack in the current cast is calculated with the timer + 6. The timer of the previous effect in the stack is paused, and its duration is adjusted to be the timer - 6 (prior to the previous calculation, and not including the first effect). Negative adjusted durations are treated as absolute (made positive). All durations are clamped to a maximum value of 12, but keep in mind that this causes the in-game timer to be off by the difference (so if the timer shows > 12, it's likely that it spans over two or more effects in the stack). This also has a knock-on effect, and in cases where this difference between 12 and the clamped value is less than the adjusted duration of the previous effect, the previous effect will use that duration.

  • +50% damage with Forbidden Fist attacks
    Applied to base damage (i.e. 3 stacks would provide +150% on 14-19 damage, resulting in 35-47.5 damage). This damage also applies to the curse's self damage-over-time.
  • +1 Wound cost of Forbidden Fist ability.
  • 1 Raw Damage per 3.0 sec (to self for duration of stack)
    This damage is also increased by the damage bonus above, and in addition scales with the Monk's level, adding +1 damage every 3 character levels.

It should also be noted that the effects of the curse stack for the current cast are calculated and applied after the ability is cast, but before the damage is applied to the target (and self), meaning the first attack will cost 0 Wounds, but will gain +50% damage.

Forbidden Curse stacks are one of the main ways Forbidden Fist monks can gain Wounds. When a hostile effect expires on the monk (i.e. a Forbidden Curse stack), they gain one Wound.

Stack size Cumulative effects
Damage bonus Damage (target) Damage (self) Wound cost
1 (initial) +50% (x1.5) 35-47.5 1 (+50% = 1.5) 0
2 +100% (x2) 42-57 2 (+100% = 4) 1
3 +150% (x2.5) 49-66.5 3 (+150% = 7.5) 2
4 +200% (x3) 56-76 4 (+200% = 12) 3
5 +250% (x3.5) 63-85.5 5 (+250% = 17.5) 4
6 +300% (x4) 70-95 6 (+300% = 24) 5
7 +350% (x4.5) 77-104.5 7 (+350% = 31.5) 6
8 +400% (x5) 84-114 8 (+400% = 40) 7
9 +450% (x5.5) 91-123.5 9 (+450% = 49.5) 8
10 +500% (x6) 98-133 10 (+500% = 60) 9