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Food are consumable items in Pillars of Eternity. They can be used to get a bonus for a few minutes. Food needs to be found, bought, or crafted. Some food is needed to craft other food.

Types of Food[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect Duration
Egg icon.png Egg 150 sec
Rice icon.png Rice 300 sec
Dragon egg icon.png Dragon Egg 300 sec
Cocoa icon.png Cocoa 300 sec
Sugar icon.png Sugar 300 sec
Cheese icon.png Cheese 600 sec
Oil icon.png Oil 300 sec
Vegetables icon.png Vegetable 150 sec
Fruit icon.png Fruit 300 sec
Dragon meat icon.png Dragon Meat 150 sec
Milk icon.png Milk 150 sec
Fish icon.png Fish 150 sec
Beer icon.png Beer 300 sec
Meat icon.png Meat 150 sec
Poultry icon.png Poultry 150 sec
Chocolatebiscuit icon.png Chocolate Biscuit 150 sec
Stew icon.png Stew 150 sec
Dragon egg dish icon.png Dragon Egg Dish 300 sec
Dragon meat dish icon.png Dragon Meat Dish 150 sec
Eggdish icon.png Egg Dish 300 sec
Meat dish icon.png Meat Dish 300 sec
Fish dish icon.png Fish Dish 300 sec
Poultry dish icon.png Poultry Dish 300 sec
Sweetpie icon.png Rauatai Sweet Pie 300 sec
Sweetpie icon.png Sweet Pie 300 sec
Vegetable dish icon.png Vegetable Dish 150 sec
Savory pie icon.png Savory Pie 150 sec
Grain icon.png Grain 300 sec
Speckleback Jerky 200 sec
Stalwart Rabbit Stew
  • +0.5 Move Speed
  • +2 Perception
150 sec
White Ynefer
  • +3 Damage Reduction
120 sec
Wit Dyr Jerky
  • +3 Accuracy
  • +5 Fortitude
200 sec
Mind Grub
  • 200 sec (stats)
  • 200 sec x Intellect modifier to duration (sickened)