Fleetbreaker Castle

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Fleetbreaker Castle
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Fleetbreaker Castle is the headquarters of the Knights of the Crucible, also known as Daghan's Spire.

History[edit | edit source]

It was once known for its corps of crossbow defenders - the Boghadir. These elite guards were renowned for their deadly accuracy and carried powerful steel crossbows such as this. The Boghadir battle doctrine was twofold. First, any invading force would come under fire by designated marksmen at range. These marksmen, firing at will, were to diminish and demoralize the attackers. Second - when their enemies closed distance to the walls of the keep, Boghadir point-defenders would then hit them with relentless, coordinated mass-fire, one line after another. If the attackers were repulsed and fell back, they would once again fall under fire from the sharpshooters. At no point was the enemy to have any respite from a steady rain of crossbow bolts.

By 2823 AI, it's the headquarters of the Crucible Knights and the seat of power of the High Justice, the leader of the faction.