Fisher Crane

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Fisher Crane
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Token in The Passage of the Six
Glanfathan tribe
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A mostly orlan tribe from the Thein Bog. Most of the sites they guard are half-buried in the wetlands, and even the other tribes couldn't tell you where they are. They are not the most renown of the tribes, but they are the cleverest and subtlest. Say what you will about the berserkers of Three-Tusk Stelgaer - I'd rather face them than a Fisher Crane ambush squad any day.
~ Anamfath Bethwl

Fisher Crane is one of the six Glanfathan tribes governing Twin Elms.

Background[edit | edit source]

Named after a bird that stalks with motionless patience, they are the most underestimated tribe, most likely by their own accord. To the outsiders, they are seen skulking among bogs and ruins, thinking they are soft and vulnerable. However, the Cranes are anything but. They decorate their armor with moss and tend to avoid open combat, while favoring ambush and sabotage. Some of their oldest tales emphasize their skill at trickery and stealth, mentioning battles where enemies didn't even see those they were fighting. In peacetime, Cranes typically stand watch over ruins lost to the forest or the swamp, ones that other tribes forgot. They also don't boast of their history near as much as other clans.[1]

Although much of the tribe focuses on the Thein Bog, their home, there are many Fisher Cranes who are nomads, especially the druids of the Circle of Hawk and Ivy. They eschew houses, patrolling the ruins as part of a nomadic trail. They never remain in one location for long, moving camp every two months, so that all the sacred sites are visited at regular intervals.[2]

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