Ferry Flotsam

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Ferry Flotsam
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Occurs in
Act 1
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Outcomes & Rewards
Help Hanwen
Kill Hanwen

Ferry Flotsam is a task in Pillars of Eternity.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The task is given by Peregund at Madhmr Bridge. She will ask you to retrieve her goods from Looters. If you agree, the task begins.

  1. Travel south a couple of steps and you will find a slope.
  2. Defeat the Looters and continue making your way to the river.
  3. You will meet Hanwen and her party. She will tell you that they are starving, and need the goods to survive. If the Looters are still alive and aggressive, then Hanwen and crew will attack.
  4. You have a couple of options:
    • Option A: Agree to help Hanwen by letting them continue, and telling Peregund you found nothing. You will receive Hermit's Hat (Immunity to Confused, +2 Intellect), and earn a minor positive Reputation in Defiance Bay.
    • Option B: Decide to help Peregund to retrieve her goods by either attacking Hanwen's party, or insisting that they stop stealing the goods, in which case they will attack you. Either way, you will earn a minor negative Reputation in Defiance Bay, and you can loot the Hermit's Hat from one of the Looters.
  5. Return to Peregund to complete the task.
    • If you decided to help the looters (Option A) you will have to lie to Peregund, and say that the goods washed away. You will get no reward from her.
    • If you killed the looters, (Option B), you will get 600 coppers (cp), and a 15% discount at her shop.

Peregund moves to Copperlane in Defiance Bay, where she sells traps.

Journal[edit | edit source]