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Far from Home

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Far from Home
Amulet stolen engwithan medallion icon.png
Much ado about... This
Side quest
Occurs in
Act 2
Quest giver
NPCs involved
Experience gained
XP type
XP level
Outcomes & Rewards
Buying Medallion from Serel
Give Medallion to Thristwn
Give Medallion to Thristwn and refuse money
Give Medallion to Thristwn and ask for a better reward
Keep the medallion for yourself
Let Serel keep the Medalion by killing Thristwn
Let Serel keep the Medalion without killing Thristwn

Far from Home is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Thristwn is colluding with Serel to steal from her clients at the Salty Mast, and recently they got their hands on a valuable Engwithan medallion. To Thristwn's shock it's the priceless relic previously stolen from his people, who were tasked with guarding it. However, Serel currently has it, and Serel needs money – more than the desperate Thristwn can offer her.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Thristwn in the Charred Barrel in Brackenbury and agree to help him.
    • [Honest] Call Thristwn and his partner cheats.
  2. Go to the Salty Mast in Ondra's Gift and pay Maea for a night with Serel
  3. Talk to Serel and decide whether or not to let her keep the medallion:
    • Resolve 16, then Resolve 18 to persuade her to give you the Medallion (Defiance Bay: Moderate Positive);
    • Might 16 to intimidate her, then Dexterity 14 to prevent her calling the guard and force her to give you the Medallion (Defiance Bay: Minor Negative);
    • Offer to buy the Medallion from her:
      • Pay 6000Copper pands (cp) → She will give you Serel's Ring as thanks (Defiance Bay: Minor Positive);
      • Intellect 18 → Drop the price to 4000Copper pands (cp) – you'll still get her ring (Defiance Bay: Minor Positive);
      • Resolve 19 [Lie] → You will receive the Medallion without paying, but you won't receive her ring (Defiance Bay: Minor Negative);
        Note: Don't forget to make demands on her services to get the bonus (+2 Athletics, +2 Constitution, +2 Dexterity), because this is the last chance (see Notes). (This time you can also stack it with another prostitute's bonus which might be a bug.Verify)
  4. Return to Thristwn in Brackenbury and talk to him.
    • If you acquired the amulet from Serel you will have these options, all concluding the quest:
    • If you didn't acquire the amulet from Serel, you will instead have these options:
      Note: Your reputation will be affected by these actions later, when you return to Serel.
  5. If you didn't acquire the amulet from Serel, then return to her at the Salty Mast to complete the quest:
    • If you made Thristwn leave, you'll get Serel's Ring (Twin Elms: Minor Negative);
    • If you killed him, she'll be less happy but she'll still give you her ring (Twin Elms: Moderate Negative).

Alternative solution[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Thristwn and agree to help him.
  2. Go to the second floor of the Salty Mast.
  3. Kill the two guards (Defiance Bay: Minor Negative ×2 / They drop two fine battle axes and a fine hide armor each).
  4. [Intimidate] Might 14 → Threaten Serel and take the medallion.
  5. Optional: Kill Serel and take her ring and 2000Copper pands (cp) (Defiance Bay: Minor Negative).
  6. Return to Thristwn and decide what to do with the medallion.
  7. Optional: Kill Thristwn too, and get all three items (Serel's Ring, the Stolen Engwithan Medallion, and the Cloak of Many Feathers), plus the 2000Copper pands (cp) (Twin Elms: Moderate Negative).

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Before you speak to Maea about Serel, complete the side quest Supply and Demand to receive a 50% discount on all prostitutes in The Salty Mast. Serel's services will now only cost 500Copper pands (cp).
  • If you kill Thristwn, you can loot the Cloak of Many Feathers from his corpse. However, if you've already acquired the amulet from Serel when you do so, you will fail the quest.
  • Paying for the medallion means helping Serel to be free from working as a prostitute. She can later be found standing near the fountain in Brackenbury, informing you that she has taken residence there. (Her old room at The Salty Mast is taken over by Aldwyn.)
  • Resolving the quest without killing Thristwn causes him to walk out of the inn in a dialog cut-scene. In other words, he can not be killed (and looted) after the quest is completed.
  • Even if you complete this quest in a way that Serel is still working at the Mast, you wont be able anymore to pay Maea for a night with her. Serel herself either won't talk to you (a bubble appears, saying she is busier than ever), or she just tells you that you've already gotten what you wanted (referring to you stealing the Medallion from her).

Cut content[edit | edit source]

Journal[edit | edit source]

ID End Description
0 Far from Home
10000 I met a young Glanfathan named Thristwn at the Brackenbury inn. He and a prostitute named Serel worked together fleecing wealthy nobles until she came into possession of an Engwithan medallion. Now, she wants to sell it, but he wants to bring it home to his broken clan.
1 Talk to Serel at the Salty Mast in Ondra's Gift.
10001 Serel has the Engwithan medallion, but she won't give it up easily. She is a prostitute at the Salty Mast, a brothel in Ondra's Gift.
20000 The guards in the brothel told me to talk to Maea if I want to see Serel.
20001 Maea told me that Serel would cost one thousand pands for the night.
20002 Serel believes that she has more of a right to the medallion than Thristwn.
20003 Thristwn suggested that I pay Maea if I want to speak with Serel.
2 Return to Thristwn in Brackenbury.
10002 I have the medallion. Thristwn is waiting for me at the inn.
20004 I sold the medallion to an animancer named Nans. Thristwn is going to be disappointed. (Cut content)
3 Return to Serel in Ondra's Gift.
10003 I got rid of Thristwn. Serel will want to know that he won't interfere any more. She's waiting at the Salty Mast.
4 Return to Serel in Ondra's Gift.
10004 I got rid of Thristwn. Serel will want to know that he won't interfere any more. She's waiting at the Salty Mast.
30000 I got the medallion for Thristwn. He thanked me and left to find his clan.
30001 I convinced Thristwn to give up on the medallion. Serel is pleased to start afresh.
30002 It wasn't easy, but I got the medallion for Thristwn. He was upset about the bloodshed, but he left to rejoin his clan.
30004 I told Thristwn that I wouldn't get involved.
30005 I had to kill Thristwn so he would leave Serel alone. Serel was saddened by the news but decided to start afresh.
30006 I decided to keep the medallion for myself rather than give it to Thristwn.
30007 I lost the medallion before I returned to Thristwn. He was sad that it was gone and left to find his clan.
30008 I killed Thristwn and will not be able to collect a reward.