Family Pride

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Family Pride
PE2 Family Pride.png
NPCs involved
Outcomes & Rewards
Mediate peace
Bardattos prevail
Valera prevail
Both families are extinguished
  • Loot from both of the family leaders
Related quests
Salt in the Wound
Mestra and mestre, as you know, the brothers of the Canc Suolias are often called upon to help mediate conflicts between the ducs, the consuagli asegia, and the great houses of the Republics, such as yours. I would not presume to suggest your quarrel will be easy to mend, but di verus, during my service, I have seen much bloodier feuds mended with time and patience. have also seen the wrath of the ducs bels turned against those who would cloud the skies of our nation's fortunes with their vendettas. I urge you to seek a remedy for your injuries that produces a lasting peace, for all our sakes.
~ Pallegina

Family Pride is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Queen's Berth district in the city of Neketaka is home to several Vailian families. Two of the most prominent houses, Bardatto and Valera, appear to be in the midst of an escalating feud. Considering the importance of these families, I'm sure the Vailian Trading Company is invested in bringing the dispute to a close. It may be worth looking into just why these two Houses are pitted against each other. Both families have estates here in Queen's Berth. Speaking with their respective heads should make the source of antagonism clearer.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • The feud between the Bardattos and Valeras is one of the many vengiattas in the Republics. The bardattos are one of the oldest bloodlines in Vailian lands, while the Valeras are an ascendant noble family. Both are engaged in a bitter rivalry that goes back decades, exacerbated by the recent explosion of commerce in the Deadfire and Valeras' inability to compete with the RDC on equal footing. As such, they seek to remove the Bardattos and take their place, especially since they are shutting them out of investments and stifling the family finances. You can escalate the feud, exterminating one or both families, or mediate a peace between them.
  • Pallegina will insist on mediating and saving both families to avoid escalating a feud. Other paths are covered in A Sinking Feeling and A Bigger Fish.

Achieving peace[edit | edit source]

  • Head to the Bardatto Estate and Valera Estate and talk to Ezzali Bardatto and Atello Valera. The family heads will agree to meet if you insist. This leads to a round of negotiations at the Valera estate, where you act as the escort for Ezzali, together with the rest of their retainers. Obviously, you need a good Diplomacy skill to pull this off - and remember to pack Pallegina. If you have not completed A Bigger Fish or A Sinking Feeling, these quests will fail once you begin negotiations.
    • You can start with Diplomacy 2, opening by asking everyone to define each other's grievances and demands or open with a prayer. However, Atello will immediately open by accusing the Bardattos of running their bank like a crime syndicate. Ezzali will retort by stating that they wouldn't have to, if Valeras didn't try to intimidate their merchants.
    • You can intervene with Diplomacy 2 or Pallegina, to pacify them. Atello will invite you to explain your reasoning. You can use Diplomacy 6 to propose forming a united, stronger force, or stoicly remind them all of duty (which will lead to Ezzali asking why Atello's letting his children lash out; you can pursue that with Insight 2 and then ask Ezzali why she's shutting them out).
    • Ezzali will be adamant against letting the Valera profit, but you can pursue that line of questioning and both about the basis of the feud. Then you can propose that Ezzali is ignoring a chance at profit. You can use Insight 2 to ask her about where she sees them best, then suggest that if the Valeras are out at sea, they aren't bothering her in Neketaka. She will seize the opportunity and propose funds and crew for a fleet of five ships.
    • Atello will reply with utter surprise and a flat "What?" Then he will straighten himself up and up the ante to six ships. Ezzali will immediately agree and the feud will be settled, to the surprise of everyone.
  • Collect your rewards from the heads of both houses: Duskfall from the Valera's and Bardatto's Luxury from Ezzali.
  • Unfortunately if the heist has already begun (by leaving too much time between finishing A Bigger Fish and the mediation - you'll know when Atello opens with "You flaccid bazzo..."), you'll be unable to enter dialogue with either of the Valera's to collect your reward, forcing you down one of the paths below - despite the fact the main quest has completed. Depending on if you have sided with Atello, and have informed Ezzalli about the plot, you may also be unable to collect the reward from Ezzali.

Bardatto path[edit | edit source]

  • Upon completion of A Sinking Feeling, uncovering the Valera-driven plot to break into the Bardatto vault, Ezzali Bardatto suggests to allow the heist to play out and use it as a trap. Talk to her to take her side, and then head down to the vault to speak to Captain Vilami. Doing this will cause the quest A Bigger Fish to fail, if you haven't yet completed it.
  • Prior to talking to Captain Vilami, you can still take the diplomatic path, or side with the Valera's instead.
  • Captain Vilami will make sure you know the plan. Once the thieves arrive, you and Captain Vilami's men hope to have them surrounded. Once you're ready, let Vilami know. Skipping forward, the plan has succeeded, and the would-be Valera thieves - including Belda are indeed surrounded. With Insight 3, you can spot her reaching for her pistol and warn Vilami. Doing so gains you Minor Positive Reputation with the Valian Trading Company. Otherwise if Captain Vilami is shot, he will be out of combat for a few seconds and will be left Hobbled. Note that all the dialogue options here will result in combat, so there's no hopes of negotiation once you start the heist sequence. Kill Belda and her accomplices, then head upstairs.
  • Outraged, Ezzali will want Atello Valera's head. She'll give you Copper pands (cp)1,500 and send you to kill him. Head over to the Valera Estate and kill Atello. Make sure to loot the unique items Duskfall and Casità Samelia's Legacy from his body.
  • Return to Ezzali to complete the quest, receiving Copper pands (cp)2,500 as a reward.
  • Alternatively, you can turn on the Bardatto's. This is effectively the same as siding with the Valera's from the beginning.

Valera path[edit | edit source]

  • Upon completion of A Bigger Fish, and after waiting a few days (or speaking to Ezzali Bardatto about the plot first), talk to Martino and Atello Valera to discover that the heist planned by Martino to break into the Bardatto's vault is already in motion, though it's not going as smoothly as they imagined. Some of the Valera men are engaged in a standoff within the vault, and Martino is concerned that they may be interrogated if caught. He wants you to get Belda, a Valera associate, out of the vault to prevent this from happening.
  • At this point, you can take sides and offer to get Belda out of the vault, otherwise Atello will question your allegiance, starting combat if you choose not to help them. Taking his side will cause the quest A Sinking Feeling to fail, if you haven't yet completed it.
  • Head over to the Bardatto estate.
    • If you previously informed Ezzali Bardatto about the plot, she will thank you for the information, but will accuse you of siding with the Valera's and will become hostile. You can refrain from approaching her to avoid this from happening. If you leave too much time between talking to Atello and Martino and entering the Bardatto Estate, the guards will immediately become hostile upon entering (surprisingly even if you reload a save).
    • If you didn't inform Ezzalli Bardatto about the plot, she will be none the wiser.
  • In any case, if you decide to kill her, make sure to loot a number of unique items from her body: Bardatto's Luxury, Deltro's Cage, and Deltro's Cage Helm.
  • In the vault are a few more Bardatto guards, kill them and continue to Captain Vilami and Belda. Again, reasoning with the Bardatto's isn't an option at this point, so you'll have to kill Captain Vilami and his men too. Belda will hide in the corner while you fight. After the fight, talk to her, most of your party will chime in here too. She'll suggest to exit via the window in the room to the left to avoid further confrontation - useful if you avoided combat upstairs (even though returning upstairs won't inherently begin combat).
  • You'll need at least 12 Mechanics to open the vault, opening a series of lower level locks beforehand. Use some Thief's Putty if required, else you'll have to come back another time. In the vault are the unique weapons Rännig's Wrath and Resounding Call, as well as number of other valuables.
  • Return to the Valera estate. They will ask you to take care of Ezzali Bardatto. Doing so and returning to them (or if you already killed Ezzali while saving Belda) will net you minor positive reputation with the Valian Trading Company (given you choose the right dialogue option), completing the quest. As a reward, you will get Duskfall.
  • Alternatively, you can turn on the Valera's. If you have already killed Ezzali, this will fail the quest. Returning to Ezzali will not yield a reward, as she will turn on you for siding with the Valera's in the first place.

Scorched earth path[edit | edit source]

  • This involves killing both families. There are many chances to attack them during dialogue, or you can just attack them out of dialogue.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If you complete both A Bigger Fish, and/or A Sinking Feeling (and depending how much time has passed since then, while waiting for the heist to begin) - and then mediate peace between the families, the heist sequence of Family Pride will still be open, despite the fact the quest is completed. [in the most recent patch this seems to have been fixed]