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Biography and appearance
Race Meadow human
Gender Male
Culture Free Palatinate of Dyrwood
Background Farmer
Class Fighter
Attributes Mig: 16 Con: 16 Dex: 11 Per: 12 Int: 10 Res: 13
Location Gilded Vale
Quests Fragments of a Scattered Faith
Companion Permanent

Edér Teylecg is a male human fighter and recruitable companion in Pillars of Eternity.

Edér stands 6'2" with blond beard and hair. He wears scale armor and carries a large sword. He spent the first part of his life as a soldier, fighting in the Saint's War as a skirmisher.

He can be recruited in Gilded Vale after completing Visions and Whispers.

Background[edit | edit source]

Edér was a former farmer who had been a worshipper of Eothas during most of his life. He and his brother took up arms during the Saint's War when Readceras attacked the Dyrwood. Despite the claims of the so-called St. Waidwen, Edér didn't believe him to be the true incarnation of Eothas because of his punishment of non-believers, more akin to a vengeful god like Skaen or Woedica than the god of light.

With Waidwen's death, the Saint's War ended in victory for the Dyrwood, but his brother perished on the battlefield. He came back to his village to a heroes welcome, with his former captain becoming his headman on the farm. However, rumors began to circulate that his brother fought for Readceras, and suspicion grew around Edér. He was, however, spared the Purges of Eothas worshippers in Dyrwood due to his war record and still relatively well-regarded. When the Hollowing of the Dyrwood began, Lord Raedric cracked down on Gilded Vale more brutally than ever before, and soon Edér was the only remaining Eothas worshipper in the town. He awaits what he sees as an inevitable execution until the arrival of the Watcher.

Companion Quest[edit | edit source]

Edér's companion quest is Fragments of a Scattered Faith which you can receive by talking to him after finishing The Old Watcher. Completing this quest will require you to have a Reputation of moderately positive with Defiance Bay.

Eder asks the Watcher to help him seek answers as to the rumors circulating around his brother's loyalties, as Maerwald was too damaged to provide assistance himself. Seeking to know whether he did truly join Waidwen in his rampage, Edér and the Watcher investigate the militia records in Defiance Bay, which the Watcher is granted access to as a result of their positive reputation in the city. Upon reading up on it, Edér discovers his brother did indeed fight for Readceras. Confused, he asks the Watcher to visit his brother's last battlefield. With the aid of multiple artifacts and a Cipher, the Watcher is able to glimpse the journey of Edér's brother through the Dyrwood and into Readceras. They discover he personally met with Waidwen, but is unable to discover what they talked about due to an intense energy radiating off Waidwen, which disrupts the Watcher's abilities in the present day. Shortly thereafter, the vision shows the final battle, and then ends. Upon revealing what they saw, Edér is distraught to discover how little they have learned, and is now deeply troubled by the possibility that he may have abandoned his god when he needed him. He thanks the Watcher for their assistance as they continue their journey.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Eder was written by Eric Fenstermaker.[1]
  • He is voiced by actor Matthew Mercer.[2]
  • During the Kickstarter Campaign he was called Edair but his name was changed to Edér to reflect the language of the Dyrwood.[3]
  • Edér's class changed during developement from a fighter to a rogue and back to a fighter.[4]
  • Edér has the unique Background Farmer, which provides +1 Survival and Athletics
  • Before PoE 1.03, Edér had the following Attributes: Mig: 16 Con: 16 Dex: 11 Per: 10 Int: 13 Res: 12.
  • Edér is confirmed to be returning for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.[5]

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