Eír Glanfath

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Eír Glanfath
Eir Glanfath coa.png
Tribal confederation
Nomadic people
  • 65% Resident
  • 35% Transient
  • 0% Urban (no communities over 10.000)
  • 100% Rural
  • Gal glas
  • Timber
  • Glanfathan deer hide
  • Adra shell
  • Gold
  • Rare fungi
Temple ruins in Eír Glanfath

Eír Glanfath is a region in the "Eastern Reach", that cover the entire forest southeast of the Bael River. It was once part of the territory of an ancient kingdom by the same name, populated by the Engwithan, now both dead or gone for two millennia. The region is currently settled by Glanfathan semi-nomadic tribes.[1]

In the past Glanfathan have come into conflict with the Dyrwood and Aedyr Empire, though relations have since thawed with the former.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

The history of Eir Glanfath before it was discovered by Aedyran explorers is poorly documented and oral accounts often conflict.

The ancient kingdom by that name, covered the entire forest southeast of the Bael River, was inhabited by the Engwithan. They were not technologically advanced compared to contemporary civilizations, however, they had accomplished a number of architectural and astronomical feats that explorers and scholars are still trying to understand. Whatever the extent of Eír Glanfath's kingdom was, its ruins had been abandoned for centuries, possibly even millennia, before Vailians or Aedyrans arrived in the area.

Temple ruins in Eír Glanfath

The Glanfathan people that currently inhabit the forest of Eir Glanfath, seem to have no cultural connection to the ancient Engwithan kingdom. According to Glanfathan oral traditions, they settled in Eir Glanfath forests about a millennia ago, migrating from their ancestral lands in the north, after the 'Keepers of the Stone' tribe discovered the land in a seafaring expedition. The Glanfathan revere the ancient Engwithan ruins scattered through their land.

Prior to the Aedyran colonization push into the region, the Glanfathan were not used to encounters with outsiders. Aedyran colonist intruded into their land, plundered sacred ruins and enslaved those who resisted, and the Glanfathans struck back. For decades they fought in small skirmishes and two wars: the Broken Stone War and the War of the Black Trees, the latter of which ended with a fire that consumed a vast section of the Dyrwood forest.[3] Although unable to drive the invaders out of their lands permanently, Glanfathan warriors and mind-hunters were feared, and were the most persistent military threat the Aedyran settlers would face.

After the Dyrwoodan revolution for independence, the Dyrwood officially stopped the Aedyr Empire's practice of exploring and plundering Eir Glanfath's sacred ruins. In the years that followed, the tribal princes of Eir Glanfath allowed Dyrwoodan animancers to speak with some of their brîshalgwin ("mind hunters"), the elite warriors that had terrorized Aedyrans and Dyrwoodans in past wars.[4]

Glanfathan Organization[edit | edit source]

There are six major Glanfathan tribes, organized into a confederation and governed by the galven. Each Glanfathan tribe is ruled by an anamfath ("soul prince") and advised by a council of raoithe ("wise ones"). The tribes consist of mostly elves, Orlans and some dwarves. The Glanfathans are at Early Middle Ages technology level but have no problem using the more advanced technology of their neighbors.

Major Glanfathans Tribes:

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

The ancient Engwithan language (used by the previous residents of Eír Glanfath) is based on Cornish. Glanfathan (used by the current Glanfathan tribes) is based on Old Irish and contemporary Irish. [5]

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