Dyrwood Forest

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Disambig.png This article is about the forest. For the nation that encompasses the forest, see Free Palatinate of Dyrwood.

Dyrwood (DEER-wood) is the Aedyr name for the forest north and west of the Bael River.[1] It was named so by the Aedyr ("people of the deer") colonists who landed here, and considered the abundant deer found in the forest a good sign.[2] Dyrwood forest is part of the Free Palatinate of Dyrwood.

Dyrford Village concept art

Rural communities in the Dyrwood tend to have Romanesque/Norman architecture, with Renaissance features (e.g. domes, symmetrical façades) found in large urban centers. Previous colonial cultures also tried to settle in the Dyrwood and their ruins tend to be more traditionally "Medieval". In the village Dyrford, the buildings are vaguely Romanesque with a few Renaissance features, but they are built adjacent to much older, rougher remnants of a castle and bridges from centuries ago.[3]

The Dyrwood was involved in both the Broken Stone War and the War of Black Trees,[4] the latter ending with a fire that consumed a vast section of the Dyrwood.

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