Dyrford Village

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Dyrford Village Dyrford icon.png
Map of Dyrford
Type Village
Exits World Map
Dyrford Crossing
Dyrford Ruins
Stormwall Gorge
Buildings Dracogen Inn
Dyrford Mill
Hendyna's House
Temple of Berath
Trygil's Curriery
Winfrith's Arms and Armory
Merchant Dengler (Food)
Hendyna (Potions)
Trygil (Armor and Weapons)
Winfrith (Armor and Weapons)
Innkeeper Dengler
Side Quests Through Death's Gate
A Farmer's Plight
Blood Legacy
Tasks Cat and Mouse
Nest Egg
Internal Name AR_0001_Dyrford_Village
Loading Screen
Lsc dyrford 01.jpg
Folk here tend to keep to themselves, as they do in most towns this deep in the Dyrwood. They're suspicious of travelers…
~ Harbinger Beodmar

Dyrford is a small village with little population, located in the Free Palatinate of Dyrwood during the events of Pillars of Eternity.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Dyrford was Aedyr seat of power, during the earliest phase of its expansion into the Eastern Reach, new frontiers. The settlement was established by small squadron of Imperial guards, dispatched by the fercönyng(emperor) to protect its citizens, after its explorers were met with resistance from Glanfathan natives. These guards established a central base on a river in the western section of the woods, which would eventually become the city of Dyrford.

While soon after the colony true seat of power was shifted to New Dunryd, at the time Dyrford allowed to cement Aedyr foothold on the area and proceed with permanent Aedyran settlements. Until the revolution Dyrford remained the center for the imperial guard in the region. (likely why it became an isolated village)

The buildings in Dyrford are vaguely Romanesque with a few Renaissance features, but they are built adjacent to much older, rougher remnants of a castle and bridges from centuries ago.[1]

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