Dyrford Ruins

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Dyrford Ruins
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Dyrford Ruins is a hidden temple beneath Dyrford Village dedicated to god Skaen.

Background[edit | edit source]

The ruins are the remnants of the extensive tunnel system beneath the old Dyrford keep erected in Aedyre times. They have been restored and occupied by the cult of Skaen, used as a power base to worm its way into the town's structures.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • This is a dungeon accessible from either Trygil's Curriery (placing you in the northwestern corner) or Dyrford Crossing by way of the statue (placing you in the northeastern corner). The section will cover the major areas of the ruins assuming entry from Dyrford Crossing (if you don't mind liberating Trygil's soul from his body, then start at the bottom).
  • The northeastern area is entered from the Dyrford Crossing after breaching the statue. A short corridor leads to the entrance to the temple, with a temple sentry patrolling and a large group of guards in the catacombs to the southeast. The catacombs exit to a small, natural stone bridge leading into the entrance to the temple.
    • The doors to the left of the stone bridge, and at the top of the stairs leading to the temple proper are locked, and can be opened with difficulty 8/7 respectively, or with an Old Dungeon Key looted from the northeastern-most room in the cultists quarters.
  • In the center of this area is the heart of the Skaenite temple, a massive blood pool filled with sacrifices (see section below for details). The northwestern catacombs contain the personal quarters of the Skaenites, with the Crypt's Master Key on the table - opening the way to the northeastern crypt and main chamber. The far crypt contains more Skaenites and minor loot.
  • The central corridor leads deeper into the temple's most secure areas. Around the bend are three more Skaenites, guarding the entrance to the main chamber where the captive nobleman's daughter Aelys Harond is held by Wymund. The chamber contains machines used to transfer essence from the sacrificial pool into selected victims. Depending on how the confrontation goes, you may have to kill Wymund. He drops Wymund's Key, used to open the chest in the same room - containing the unique dagger Aattuuk. The room in the back contains a switch opening a shortcut to the caves beneath the curriery.
  • The caves are filled with beetles and connect to the tunnels carved out beneath Dyrford. They are filled with Skaen cultists. Exploring the rooms, pick every container you find for a Shimmering Cloak, list of names, and plenty of torture implements that see active use by the Skaenites. The chamber to the southwest leads to an interactable post that can be used to reach the bridge leading to the main temple.

Blood Pool – a pool with sacrificed souls[edit | edit source]

Main article: Effigy's Resentment

This pool will allow you to sacrifice one of your story companions to Skaen for a boost to your main character and gaining Effigy's Resentment talent. You do not have to do this the first time you come across it, and can come back to it any time - even in act 3. To save it for later, do not interact (reach out) to the pool when prompted.

The boost you gain is specific to the companion you sacrifice.

Companion Attribute bonus (+1) Secondary bonus
Aloth Intellect +5 Reflex
Durance Constitution +5% maximum Endurance
Eder Might +2 Deflection
Grieving Mother Resolve +5 Defense against Charmed and Dominated attacks
Hiravias Dexterity +1 Damage Reduction: Slash
Kana Rua Intellect +5 Defense against Prone and Hobbled attacks
Pallegina Resolve +1 Damage Reduction: Shock
Sagani Perception +2 Accuracy when attacking same target as an ally
Devil of Caroc [WM1] Dexterity +1 Damage Reduction bypass
Zahua [WM1] Constitution +15% Drug effect duration
Maneha [WM2] Might +10 Defense against Prone and Stunned attacks

Characters[edit | edit source]

Enemies[edit | edit source]



Loot[edit | edit source]

Northwestern tunnel (entrance from Trygil's Curriery):
Temple area:
Crate (southeast of stone bridge):
Shelf (room with 3 traps):
Urn (corridor east of blood pool):
Urn (corridor west of blood pool):
Shelf (room with sarcophagus):
Container (Hidden - Stash behind the Skaenite banner):

Plants[edit | edit source]