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Durgan's Battery
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The White March - Part I
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Disambig.png This article is about the location. For the quest of the same name, see Durgan's Battery (quest).

Durgan's Battery exterior is the area surrounding the dwarven fortification high in the White March.

Background[edit | edit source]

Main article: Durgan's Battery

One of the most stunning sights in the White March, the Battery was founded by Pargrun dwarves hailing from the Grand Empire of Vailia (though not imperial colonists).[1] Renowned for their Durgan steel forged in the White Forge deep within the Battery, the dwarves were scattered to the winds after the immense fortification fell about a hundred years ago. The secret techniques of the armory and steel were lost together with the dwarves.[2] Not long after, the other Pargrun settlements across the March, like Bonepicker or the Hawk, emptied as the dwarves sought gentler, more pleasant climates. Countless adventurers tried to crack the Battery for decades, including parties funded by the Aedyr Empire and the Vailian Republics, to no avail. The outskirts are littered with the bones of those who tried to penetrate Durgan's Battery.

After the Watcher succeeds in penetrating the Battery, Stalwart denizens move in and begin work on restoring the great fortifications to working order, especially in the wake of the Readceran threat arriving right on their doorstep.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

Lower terrace
  • The center of the first part of White March has plenty of points of interest. You begin the exploration in the south-eastern corner, and Zahua will initiate conversation after a few moments, asking you for your opinion on the fate of the dwarves. Just a short walk to the north is a large herd of deer, which will attack if you come too close. There's a buried corpse here you can uncover in scout mode.
  • The ore-locating device will activate once you approach the center of the map and guide you towards the Battery cave to the southwest. The crag ogres at the entrance will leave you alone if you made peace with the ogres during The Ogre Matron.
  • To the northeast is Taragaer with his pet wolf, Ingot. North of him is a a hidden snowbank, near a clump of trees, containing Ninagauth's Black Pages. You only discover this if you have the tattered map from the hidden container in the camp in the South-West of Russetwood.
  • Further north lies Galvino's cabin, near the Battery watchtower. Urthal stands on the road to the northeast, waiting in ambush.
Middle terrace
  • The middle terrace runs outside the defenses of the Battery. The chasm in the center is covered by a stone bridge called Durgan's Crossing. The eastern half contains a frozen lake and Meztla (if the bounty is active).
  • Beyond that point is a small plateau with the Watchtower and a dead end by the Battery's side. The Talisman of the Unconquerable is in the urn. Ascend the watchtower to find the unstrung bow, the other part of the Stormcaller.
  • In the south-western part there's the entrance (or exit if you're coming in from the lower terrace) to a cave filled with lagufaeths. Outside the upper entrance is a destroyed caravan for the side quest A Good Haul. Be sure to grab the battered shipment and loot the locked box for Spelltongue and Bracers of Deflection.
Battery outskirts
  • Finally, you can enter the courtyard outside of the Battery proper. The doors are collapsed and the outer walls chipped, but the fortress remains as strong as ever. Approach and you'll witness a scene between two dwarves, discussing a caravan with half a ton of steel and Coinmaster Zoltun... The first signals of the fact that something went very, very wrong at the Battery. To enter the Battery, you must complete the main quest Durgan's Battery
  • [WM2] After completing the first part of the expansion, the Battery will be open. You'll come across Wengra, Culmar, and Lödgar arguing right outside its gates.

Characters[edit | edit source]

The White March - Part I
The White March - Part II

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