Durgan's Battery (Mines)

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Durgan's Battery (Mines)
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The White March - Part I
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Durgan's Battery Mines are the second level of Durgan's Battery in Pillars of Eternity. They are sealed off in The White March - Part II.

Background[edit | edit source]

The mines beneath the Battery supplied its foundry with nearly limitless amounts of materials to produce its weapons. When the Eyeless attacked, the dwarven defenders attempted to stop them at a massive barricade in the main corridor of the mines, but the monstrosities simply smashed through the defensive lines, crushing and pulverizing the defenders.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • You enter the mines in the north-western corner, coming to a bridge over a chasm shortly. On the other side dwarven vessels lurk, still waiting for an enemy to defeat. You'll receive harassing fire from the balcony to the side, so plan accordingly. After breaking through you entered a corridor that bisects the level, with a broken-down barricade halfway through and a horde of undead dwarves at its terminus (plus a few Forge Guardians dismantled by the attackers).
  • The southwest chamber contains a shrine to Abydon, complete with dwarven worshipers smashed to bits, and the balcony, and leads to winding mine walkways suspended over the molten lava pools below. The southwestern corner contains beetles, oozes, and a cart with a hidden stash of Durgan iron ingots.
  • The workshop is to the northeast (locked with a level 13 lock). Inside is a throng of ice trolls and wolves that turned it into their nest. After dispatching them, you can loot the place for ingots, a Tempered Helm, supplies, lockpicks, and a stone dial. Use scouting to find a hidden compartment in the shelves with the parchments to gain the sigil of the sword.
  • The chamber accessible through the central doorway in the corridor leads to another vision of running dwarves and a body carrying the sigil of the helm. The mine tunnels beyond wind and contain oozes and beetles. To the east is a body carrying Erazmur's letter. The passageway to the south leads to a dead end where the workshop master was cornered by the attackers and slain. Pick up the workshop key and dispose of the wraiths. Pilfer the corpse in the other dead end for a Girdle of Eoten Constitution.
  • The cart to the northeast is required to reach the sigil of the shield. By entering it, you go on a wild ride down the tunnels. To safely navigate, when you come to a fork, look around, then have the character with Athletics 5 or Dexterity 16 grab the lever to put the cart on the right track.
  • The final door in the south-east is opened using the stone dial from the workshop. Insert it in the protrusion, then rotate it according to the song on the pillars (it's arranged out of order, arrange them in grammatical order): South, west, east, north, pushing the disc each time. This opens the way to the foundry.
  • The section to the south-west, opposite the exit door, contains the Hall of Remembrance To open it, you need the rune-engraved copper key found on one of the pulverized dwarven defenders at the end of the corridor. Take the Nightshroud from the altar. Doing so will arm the traps and spawn Exandru's followers at the exit when you come close. You can avoid the traps by using the sigils on the receptacles next to the statue (helm, shield, and sword, from the entrance).

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

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