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Biography and appearance
Race Meadow human
Gender Male
Culture Free Palatinate of Dyrwood
Background Clergy
Class Priest of Magran
Location Magran's Fork
Quests The Trials of Durance
Weapon Durance's Staff
It's what's beneath the skin and the letters I care about, what burns within. It's more important to me you're a Watcher than whatever culture or accent decorates your letters like awkward crowns. Take pride in your actions, not where you hail from... Or how your name rolls off whatever liar's tongue coats it now.

Durance is a male human priest and one of the recruitable companions in Pillars of Eternity.

He can be found in Magran's Fork, at the shrine of Magran in the center of the map. You simply need to talk to him, and unless refused, he will join the party. Player characters who are affiliated with Magran will have additional dialogue options.

Background[edit | edit source]

Durance is an incredibly ugly man, with bulging red cheeks raked by pox scars, and a scraggly beard. He is sweating, as if he has a fever, but his breathing is measured and steady... like a slow push of a blacksmith's bellows, but that comparison feels strange and unwelcome. The next comparison, possibly sparked by his grin, is that of a bear trap... and then out of nowhere, there is the hint of alchemical fire... that fades almost as soon as you identify the smell. His robes are dirty, stained with grease, and other marks of the road... The hems of his robes, including the sleeves, are burned at the edges, as if he walked a great distance across a fire, then reached into the flames with his hands to pull something out. But while his hands are thick and callused, they bear no burn or scorch marks. The staff looks thick, stout, of blackened ash once burned by a terrible fire. Beneath the ash, the lines in the wood bear shapes and patterns... and there is a certainty the staff was once something far more dangerous... but not now. As befitting a priest of a fire goddess, he is a fire and brimstone preacher: pious, committed, and potentially murderously insane. Durance's ambition is to test the Watcher.

This wonderful, cheerful companion was a priest of Magran who helped build the Godhammer Bomb that destroyed St. Waidwen. The others who worked on it were killed, but Durance survived. He is an anti-authoritarian wanderer, who has particular dislike of the Aedyr Empire (and Readceras). He despises Eothas and anyone who worships him. Durance spent many years following the Saint’s War, rooting out Eothas sympathizers; then not long after, rooting out those he believed responsible for the Hollowborn crisis.

Durance does not know why his Magranic colleagues died or why he was spared, but he assumes he did wrong by his god. Over time he comes to learn that the gods are not unlike the authority figures he so often finds himself at odds with, and that he and the assassinated Magranic clergy were nothing but pieces in the gods’ games.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

This character starts quests.

The Trials of Durance

Companion Quest[edit | edit source]

  • Durance's companion quest is The Trials of Durance, which is received as soon as you recruit him. This is updated as you continue to travel with him, and finishing it requires most of his conversation options to be exhausted, which may not happen until after the start of Council of Stars.
  • Durance keeps secrets that unravel the more you talk to him. He gets tired of questions and periodically stops answering them, but after a rest he opens back up. In Acts 2 and 3, if the player

has Durance in the party, after a certain number of rests, the player will have visions of Durance that lead to further insight into his secrets. The player needs to ask him about more or less everything to be equipped for the last part of his quest, which unlocks after speaking to the gods and learning of Woedica’s plot. Using knowledge gleaned from his dialogue, you can try to convince Durance that Magran conspired with Woedica, and that she no longer speaks to Durance not because he did something to offend her but because she wanted to cover up what she had done.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Durance was written by Chris Avellone.[1]
  • Unlike other companions, Durance will end dialogue with the The Watcher prematurely if he becomes annoyed by how many questions you're asking him. After Resting, you can continue asking him questions.
  • Before PoE 1.03, Durance had the following Attributes: Mig: 14 Con: 15 Dex: 9 Per: 9 Int: 13 Res: 19.
  • A conflict in their past was planned for Durance and the Grieving Mother, and may have been resolved during the story of the Watcher, but that didn't make it into the release version of the game.[2]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit source]

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