Dream and Memory

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Dream and Memory
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Dream and Memory is a side quest and companion quest for Grieving Mother in Pillars of Eternity.


You must guide the Grieving Mother to recover her memory, by talking to her and sharing her dreams.


At each point where she offers conversation, exhaust all options. After a few more rests, she will offer more conversation.

  • Eventually, at a some rest point, you will share one of her dreams. When you both awake, she will not remember it. You will have to recall it for her accurately, with the following answers:
  • "A huge forest..."
  • "It was a silver adra..."
  • "I am not sure... there was a child..."
The quest will not progress until you get the the answers right.
  • A few more rests, and another conversation, where you will discover something about her bracelet.
  • A few more rests, and another conversation, where you will discover that she concealed from the mothers that their new babies were Hollowborn. Eventually, one mother died, and the illusions were broken. She fled.
  • At this point, she falls into a trance, from which you must find a way to revive her, and help her come to terms with what she did. Otherwise, you will lose her from the party.

You are rewarded with approximately 4000 xp, and a moderate increase in Reputation with Defiance Bay.


ID Objectives
0 Dream and Memory
10000 I met a strange woman whom I know only as the Grieving Mother. She's a powerful cipher who shrouds herself from plain view. Yet even though our minds experience a powerful communion, I know little about her or where she came from.
1 Learn of the Grieving Mother's past.
10001 When I first encountered the Grieving Mother on the road, I experienced a dream - or was it a memory? - of childbirth.

Perhaps the Grieving Mother herself can explain what I saw.

20000 She didn't realize that I'd seen inside her mind, nor did she know exactly what this vision was.

If I can help her recall the details, perhaps then she'll be able to tell me more.

20001 The memory involved a place known as the Birthing Bell. It was clearly of great significance to the Grieving Mother - perhaps she can tell me something of what happened there and why it is important to her.
20002 The Grieving Mother was a midwife at the Birthing Bell, and she used to "read" the souls of unborn children. However, she admitted that such readings were often fabricated based on what the expectant mother wanted to hear.

She clearly thought she was doing these women and their children a service, but she wasn't inclined to discuss the matter further at this moment. Perhaps she'll open up more as our journeys continue.

2 Discover the importance of the disturbing dream.
10002 I had another dream about a delivery at the Birthing Bell, but this one felt strangely distorted. There was an ominous undercurrent, and I got the impression that all was not as it seemed.

This woman does not fully understand her own past. If I am to learn who she really is, I may have to dig deeper into her story.

20003 How odd. I just realized that she wears adra chimes around her wrist... the very chimes she claimed she always gave to newborns.
20004 When I asked the Grieving Mother why she wore birthing chimes, she mentioned the Hollowborn. She believes they can be saved and feels that it's critical that we find a way to restore them.

I pressed her, and she became evasive. I know there's more to the story, but I may have to spend more time with her in order to break through the lies she's woven around us both.

3 Find out what happened with the Hollowborn at the Birthing Bell.
10003 In this latest dream, the Grieving Mother delivered a Hollowborn. Yet when the time came to surrender the child to its mother, she used her abilities as a cipher to convince the woman that her child is whole and healthy.

Only the Grieving Mother can tell me what this means... and whether I can trust her now.

20005 When I told the Grieving Mother about the dream of the Hollowborn, she entered a dangerous trance. Unfortunately, I was unable to free her from it.
20006 When I told the Grieving Mother about the dream of the Hollowborn, she entered a dangerous trance. I brought her out of it.

Waidwen's Legacy began during her time as a midwife at the Birthing Bell. When the first Hollowborn came, she wove an illusion around the mother's mind so that the child would be cared for... but as the crisis continued, she taxed her abilities to their limits.

She's still haunted by the memory of the soulless children as well as the control she exercised over the village.

End states
No GM Left
30000 This woman, whoever she was, has vanished from my company.
No GM Died
30001 The Grieving Mother is dead. Strange, I seem to remember less and less of her by the moment.
Yes Control Wrong
30002 No matter her reasons, the Grieving Mother was wrong to manipulate the villagers, and I think she understood that. I explained that controlling others is a grievous wrong, even in the face of a tragedy like the Legacy. Some things must take their natural course.
Yes Save Babies
30003 The Grieving Mother is still haunted by her actions at the Birthing Bell as well as by her ultimate failure to protect the Hollowborn there. Nevertheless, she did the best she could at the time. If we find an opportunity to reverse the Legacy, I know it will be worthwhile, whatever the cost.