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Disambig.png This article is about Personal reputation and personality types. For Faction Reputations, see Reputation.

Disposition is a type of reputation system which affects how individual characters react to the player, based on their personality type. There are ten personality types, the player disposition toward each is tracked globally based on their responses or ways of dealing with people. Dispositions complement the individual location/group/faction party reputation system.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The player's overall behavior impacts how the world views them. There is no overt morality or judgment associated to these traits. In other words, a “good” character can get in as much trouble as a “bad” character depending on the type of person they engage with at any given time. Personalities are also not one-dimensional. A player known for their honesty might also develop a reputation of eerie stoicism. Non-player characters may act in ways that reflect how they feel about the player. This can encompass anything from giving gifts to attacking on sight.

There are ten different personality types available at the player's discretion, based on their actions or deeds. The type of personality a player has cultivated is visible on the character sheet. By default dialogue options that will impact your dispositions will be tagged with the relevant personality type in front of reply text (e.g. [Aggressive] your aggressive reply). Those indications can be turned off in game modes and are always off when playing in Expert Mode.

Compared to party reputations system for individual communities/factions, fewer people respond to the player dispositions, and only specifically when they particularly care about that kind of reputation. But they tend to have a stronger reaction and allow individual characters to express a personal stance that reflects something contrary to their faction.[1]

Example: If you save a village by brutalizing the bandits, torturing their accomplices, and executing their leader after he begs for mercy, you will probably be well-liked by most people in the village (positive village rep) but will also earn a separate reputation for being cruel and merciless. The high priest at the temple of the mercy god in the same village won't like you.[2]

Player Dispositions effect how people talk to you or treat you as person, often outside of the context of you making those individual choices.

Example: An NPC might meet you and invite you to a party based on your reputation for wit (even if you're not being particularly witty at the moment). Another person might balk at involving you in a discussion of faith because they assume, based on your reputation, that you're a clown who can't take anything seriously.[3]

People will react to you in beneficial and detrimental ways based on your personality reputations,[3] but they will only react to one specific reputation.[4] If you have a few personality reputation at moderate levels, you will get reactions based on those moderate levels, spread out, but will not get reactions that require a high level in a reputation.[5] It's possible to have points in every reputation, but it's unlikely that more than a handful of reputations would be high enough to let many NPCs react to them.[6]

Personality Types[edit | edit source]

List of personality types the players can be disposed toward and examples of how they might be judged:

  • Aggressive – Hot-headed, bold, or impatient. Some characters will think that you provoke fights and make only trouble, but others will admire you for taking charge, being decisive, and not letting people push you around.[7]
  • Benevolent – Charitable, kind, soft, or weak. May be viewed as charitable and kind but others may consider the player weak or assume he or she will do things for free.[3]
  • Clever – Sarcastic, sassy, foppish, or irreverent. May be well received by some as amusing, but other characters will assume that you are not to be taken seriously.[3]
  • Cruel – Merciless, sadistic, brutal, or imperious. It doesn't typically earn you a lot of friends, but there are people who respect (and/or fear) brutality.[3]
  • Deceptive – Dishonest, manipulative, or shrewd.
  • Diplomatic – Cautious, tame, or courteous. For example gained by remaining silent when two people are arguing and you choose to not interject.[8]
  • Honest – Guileless, sincere, or straightforward. Gained for being straightforward. e.g. telling a guard that you broke in the house.[9]
  • Passionate – Zealous, romantic, or obsessive.
  • Rational – Practical, standoffish, or cold.
  • Stoic – Tight-lipped, cool-headed, or simple-minded. Gained for being unmoved/quiet in dialog options.[2]

Disposition gain[edit | edit source]

example of a dialog with disposition-affecting answers

Dispositions increases primarily through actions or deeds. Each Disposition contains three ranks or titles, which reflect how the character has consistently presented themselves over time. They are tracked separately, gaining points in one disposition will not affect the rest.

You need a specific amount of Points to reach each rank, Minor options give 1 Point, Average 3 and Major 7.

None Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Needed points 1 25 50 75

Reactions to Dispositions[edit | edit source]

Disposition Rank Quest Location NPC Description
Honest 1 His Old Self CopperlaneThe Goose and Fox Kaenra She will give you her engagement ring.
Rational 2 His Old Self CopperlanePurnisc's House Purnisc Get some background from him how this all started (after the diplomatic option).
Diplomatic 2 Rogue Knight CopperlaneAdmeth's Den Expedition Hall Osric When returning Osric's Family Breastplate he comments about your persuasive abilities.
Deceptive 2 The Parable of Wael CopperlaneThe Hall of Revealed Mysteries Grimda She will not reward you for taking the alternative solution.
Honest 2 The Parable of Wael CopperlaneThe Hall of Revealed Mysteries Grimda She will say that she trusts in you bringing the scroll back to the temple.
Rational 2 The Final Act Copperlane Catacombs Lumdala She explains how she knew, you were sent by Dunryd Row.
Rational 2 Cinders of Faith First FiresDucal Palace Fyrga She notes you might be skeptical about her religious vision.
Benevolent 3 A Return to Court BrackenburyThe Charred Barrel Captain Emery She will turn against her employer.
Cruel 3 A Return to Court BrackenburyThe Charred Barrel Captain Emery She will turn against her employer.
Clever 2 The Wailing Banshee BrackenburyThe Charred Barrel (upper floor) Maerwith She insinuates a setup when you tell her, someone in the Ondra's Gift's Lighthouse Ruin was looking for her.
Rational 2 Supply and Demand Ondra's GiftRamshackle House Aefre She tries to convince you taking her point of view.
Diplomatic 1 Any Pallegina When asked how she thinks things are going, she's glad the Watcher – as her brotherhood does – prefers a diplomatic approach to problems.
Stoic 1 Cat and Mouse Dyrford Village Medreth When asked what Nyfre took, he comments that somebody as stoic as you should know how this works.
Diplomatic 2 Cat and Mouse Dyrford Village Medreth When asked what your role is in this, he comments you should be able to smooth-talk Nyfre out of hiding.
Stoic 2 Cat and Mouse Dyrford VillageDracogen Inn (second floor) Nyfre Asking her rationally what this is about, she tells her story with the Doemenels.
Deceptive 2 Cat and Mouse Dyrford VillageDracogen Inn (second floor) Nyfre She will not attack you, even if you have taken the task to kill her.
Cruel 2 Nest Egg Dyrford Village Hendyna She's surprised about your offer to help her with the egg.
Benevolent 2 Blood Legacy Dyrford VillageDracogen Inn (first floor) Dengler He will give you information for the quest.
Honest 3 Blood Legacy Dyrford VillageDracogen Inn (first floor) Dengler He will give you information for the quest.
Clever 1 Blood Legacy Dyrford VillageTrygil's Curriery Trygil He's annoyed about your perceptive assumption, Lady Aelys wouldn't have simply met with him.
Cruel 1 Dyrford Ruins Blood Pool Gain the option to sacrifice one of your companions in exchange for the talent Effigy's Resentment.
Cruel 2 Lle a Rhemen Nridek She will attack you even if you want to let her go.
Deceptive 2 Lle a Rhemen Nridek She will attack you even if you want to let her go.
Benevolent 2 Siege of Crägholdt Crägholdt Bluffs Mercenary Soldier She will comment on your good deeds.
Honest 2 Unwanted Copperlane - Catacombs Eorn If you tell him you'll keep his secret safe he will thank you, knowing you're honest.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Josh Sawyer noted that the disposition system developed for Pillars of Eternity is very similar to the reputation system for the canceled game Baldur's Gate 3: The Black Hound.[10]

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