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PE1 Derwn.png
Biography and appearance
Game Pillars of Eternity
Race Mountain dwarf
Gender Female
Culture Eir Glanfath
Class Fighter
Level 7
Attributes Mig: 18 Con: 19 Dex: 13
Per: 12 Int: 11 Res: 13
Location Hearthsong Market
Services Merchant (weapons, armor)
Internal Name

Derwn is a storekeeper in Pillars of Eternity.

She can be found in Hearthsong Market in the Hearthsong district of Twin Elms.

Background[edit | edit source]

A proud Glanfathan smith and heir to five generations of metalworking, Derwn sells some of the finest weapons this side of the Bael. Although other Glanfathans say she shouldn't sell such grand weapons to foreigners, she believes that great weapons should be used, rather than collected on racks.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Icon gear.png
This character is a merchant. Sells: Weapons, including the unique Blesca's Labor, Starcaller, and Strike Hard, armor, with the unique Kerdhed Pames

Store[edit | edit source]

  • Her store, which is labeled "Derwn's Weapons and Armor", sells the following items:
  • Weapons:
Item Cost Quantity
Blesca's Labor 7538cp 1
Starcaller 7538cp 1
Strike Hard 6788cp 1
Exceptional Hunting bow 6075cp 1
Fine Hunting bow 3075cp 1
Fine Morning star 3075cp 1
Fine Pollaxe 3075cp 1
Fine War bow 3075cp 2
Exceptional Battle axe 3038cp 1
Exceptional Club 3038cp 2
Exceptional Hatchet 3038cp 2
Exceptional Spear 3038cp 1
Fine Battle axe 1538cp 2
Fine Club 1538cp 1
Fine Hatchet 1538cp 1
Fine Spear 1538cp 2
Fine Sword 1538cp 1
Hunting Bow 75cp 1
Morning Star 75cp 1
Pollaxe 75cp 2
War Bow 75cp 1
Battle Axe 38cp 6
Club 38cp 2
Hatchet 38cp 1
Mace 38cp 2
Spear 38cp 1
Sword 38cp 2
  • Shields:
Item Cost Quantity
Exceptional Small Shield 3038cp 1
Fine Large Shield 1538cp 3
Fine Medium Shield (Heater) 1538cp 2
Fine Small Shield 1538cp 1
Large shield 38cp 1
Medium Shield (Heater) 38cp 2
Small shield 38cp 1
  • Armor:
Item Cost Quantity
Kerdhed Pames 6300cp 1
Exceptional Plate armor 4500cp 1
Lost Meadow Mail 4050cp 1
Exceptional Mail Armor 3300cp 2
Exceptional Scale Armor 3300cp 1
Fine Plate Armor 3000cp 1
Fine Mail Armor 1800cp 2
Fine Scale Armor 1800cp 1
Plate armor 300cp 2
Mail armor 300cp 2
Scale armor 300cp 2
  • Clothing:
Item Cost Quantity
Helmet of Darksee 3075cp 1
  • Other:
Item Cost Quantity
Torch 15cp 1