Deadfire Archipelago unmarked locations

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The Deadfire Archipelago is a place full of wonder and mystery. The table below lists unmarked locations found on the world map. Feel free to add to them by hitting Edit or Edit Source at the top!

List[edit | edit source]

Latitude Longtitude Description Image
6° 53' 66° 26' You encounter a qilutaalik, a massive carnivorous whale that you can hunt, let it pass in peace, or attack with cannons. Survival 7 allows you to identify them with ease... Before they decide that your ship looks like a tasty treat and attack. You can use magic or explosives to get rid of them (spells and Explosives 9 needed). Defeating the whale is worth 20 units of Mohora meat, a horn, and of course, experience for the crew. PE2 Hohonu Lagoon.png
9° 21' 33° 45' Chain of islands southwest of Crookspur, only containing an oasis and a camp. PE2 Crookspur SW.png
11° 34' 38° 21' A small isle to northwest of Hasongo, with a miller's place. PE2 Hasongo Isle NW.png
15° 17' 32° 44' Very large uninhabited island, directly north of Dunnage, and west of Hasongo. There are no landmarks or features on this island besides a few rivers, hills and forests.

This becomes Kazuwari if Seeker, Slayer, Survivor is installed.

PE2 Dunnage N Island.png
15° 18' 69° 8' Flotsam. You can find Rekke here. PE2 Rekkes Crib.png
15° 37' 39° 57' A small island south of Hasongo, with an abandoned village and a fruit orchard. Directly east of the island below. PE2 Hasonge SE Island.png
15° 43' 38° 28' A small island south of Hasongo, occupied by Beina. Directly west of the island above. PE2 Hasongo Beina Isle.png
18° 25' 59° 12' Northeast of Tikawara. Contains an Abandoned village, oasis, and a fruit orchard. PE2 Tikawara Abandoned N.png
19° 37' 64° 21' Uncharted island. A small island chain. The northern island contains the Subterranean Temple to Woedica.

The southern island contains the Wapau Jungle, where you will meet a trio of Skaen cultists. They will offer you a choice: Take one of your companions and sacrifice them to Skaen in return for an Effigy Doll, that will grant you the privilege of summoning an Effigy.

PE2 Island Wapau.png
21° 7' 32° 59' A small island southeast of Dunnage, with an abandoned village and a fruit orchard. PE2 Island SE Dunnage.png
21° 13' 51° 16' Uncharted island southeast of Neketaka. Points of interest: Tangaloa's Maw: A large swamp. You can push through with Athletics 4 and then use Survival 6 to make for a camp. Otherwise, you wind up in combat with several undead foes, heavily fatigued. The area also contains a Forgotten Catacomb (with the Reckless Brigandine) on top of a ruined tower and a fruit orchard. PE2 Tangaloa's Maw Island.png
21° 57' 38° 18' A large storm threatens to sink those who pass through. This is a scripted interaction that doesn't net you any particular loot, just some supplies, Sailor Experience and Morale loss or gain depending on your actions. PE2 Storm Fort Deadlight NE.png
25° 44' 57° 5' Southwest of Tikawara. Contains a ruined tower PE2 Tikawara SW.png
25° 50' 40° 8' Island southwest of Karatapu Channel, containing a Burial Site (not pictured, but north of the landing), the scripted interaction Osa Channel, and a fishing village, containing a Fisherman's Hut where you can buy a number of local species of fish at a 50% discount. PE2 Osa Channel.jpg
26° 69' 59° 11' Southeast of Tehiwai Islands/Tikawara. Contains an abandoned camp and a fruit orchard PE2 Tikawara SE.png
29° 33' 31° 21' Uncharted island. A large island that contains the Ruins of Amira's Roost, False Mouth Forest, the Blighted Bog, and the Koro River Delta.
  • Koro River Delta: You can follow a beached skiff to find a group of kith, an ogre, and an imp. This is Ranetti's crew and you can obtain the Pukestabber from them for Copper pands (cp)8,100 or by killing them all.
  • False Mouth Forest: You encounter a large group of lagufaeth led by a large broodmother.
  • Ruins of Amira's Roost: A ruined temple where you meet Leofwyn and can loot Amira's Wing.
  • Blighted Bog: You find a group of creatures engaged in something equal parts embarrassing and sinister.
PE2 Amiras Island.png
32° 35' 45° 6' A small island east of Maje Island, containing only a port and a solitary rice farm - "Huana Rice Farm", offering a 50% discount to goods. PE2 Maje Island E.png
34° 23' 35° 10' A small island with a ruined tower, a burial site, and a Vailian mill. PE2 Kangati Island Northwest Far.png

34° 27' 51° 23' Another storm, situated far east of Maje Island on the Vailian Trench. PE2 Storm Vailian Trench.png
37° 18' 55° 0' A small island with an abandoned camp, fruit trees, oasis, and a shipwreck. The shipwreck contains Lord Darryn's Voulge. PE2 LDV Island.png
38° 38' 32° 25' Uncharted island. A desolate, abandoned island in the extreme southwest of the archipelago.
  • Sandswept Ruins: An ancient Huana temple, hidden beyond the storms.
  • Winding Pass: A place where you can find a couple of eoten amusing themselves with throwing boulders into the water. You can pass through them or convince them to leave you alone using Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Bluff. Each of the checks is Watcher only and requires a high score.
  • Lowland Sands: A camp set up by the Adragan Adra Ban Adventuring Company from The Living Lands. You can fight them or simply talk to them.
PE2 Desert Island SW.png