Darkest Rauatai cookies recipe

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Darkest Rauatai cookies recipe
Darkest rauatai cookies icon.png
Crafting recipe
1st ingredient
1x Egg
2nd ingredient
3rd ingredient

Darkest Rauatai cookies recipe is a recipe used to craft Darkest Rauatai cookies in Pillars of Eternity.

Description[edit | edit source]

Rivaled only by Aedyrans in their love of sweet things, the Rauatai count many delicious desserts and rich treats among their famed recipes. One of the most revered by wealthy connoisseurs around the known world is the 'darkest' Rauatai chocolate cookie. It has become a courtesy gift among Rauatai ambassadors, with many foreign dignitaries warmly receiving any Rauatai delegation simply in the hopes of receiving a batch of the revered treats.