Curio Shop

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Curio Shop (Upgrade Info)
Stronghold curio shop.png
Benefit type
produces ingredients
Build cost
1800 Copper pands (cp)
Build time
2 days
+1 Prestige
+0 Security
Part of
Exits to
Curio Shop (Mapview)
Ar 0612 curio shop.jpg
Pillars of Eternity
Stronghold upgrade
Exits to
Location ID

The Curio Shop is a building that can be upgraded in Caed Nua in Pillars of Eternity.

Once upgraded, it produces a random monster part each turn.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Curio Shop trades in oddball curiosities. Allows you to purchase the parts of exotic creatures, and generates a random creature part every turn in the stronghold treasury.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

Curio Shop sells the following items:

Image Name Shopprice
Vithrack brain icon.png Vithrack Brain 165cp
Awakened adra icon.png Awakened Adra 135cp
Stelgaer tooth icon.png Stelgaer Tooth 135cp
Dank spores icon.png Dank Spores 120cp
Spider venom sac icon.png Spider Venom Sac 120cp
Ogre blood icon.png Ogre Blood 105cp
Ooze plasma icon.png Ooze Plasma 105cp
Primal flame icon.png Primal Flame 105cp
Primal earth icon.png Primal Rock 105cp
Primal water icon.png Primal Water 105cp
Primal wind icon.png Primal Wind 105cp
Spirit residue icon.png Spirit Residue 105cp
Xaurip tongue icon.png Xaurip Tongue 105cp
Awakened wood icon.png Awakened Wood 90cp
Beetle shell icon.png Beetle Shell 90cp
Vessel flesh icon.png Vessel Flesh 90cp
Awakened root icon.png Awakened Root 75cp
Skuldr ear icon.png Skuldr Ear 75cp
Troll skin icon.png Troll Skin 75cp
Vessel bone icon.png Vessel Bone 75cp
Binding copper icon.png Binding Copper 60cp
Spear spider leg icon.png Spear Spider Leg 30cp
Wurm wing icon.png Wurm Wing 30cp

Gallery[edit | edit source]