Crägholdt Bluffs

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Crägholdt Bluffs
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The White March - Part I
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Crägholdt Bluffs is a location in The White March - Part I.

Background[edit | edit source]

The domain of the great mage Concelhaut is currently under siege by a group of mercenaries calling themselves the Torn Bannermen. They are trying to force the mage to turn over control of a powerful magical artifact to them. Commander Baelorin acts under the orders of an undisclosed third party, which has also seen fit to distract local authorities so that he can attempt to seize the artifact and kill the great mage. However, the assault has stalled, as as soon as the siege engines breached the outer defenses, Concelhaut's undead legion shambled outside and attacked. The mercenaries remain in a holding pattern, waiting for reinforcements to finally storm the keep in force.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • Added with White March expansion. You can travel to the area after receiving the quest Siege of Crägholdt from the stronghold steward. Be aware, all opponents are quite strong, so this is better played with a well equipped high level party, and carefully so you don't fight too many at once. You will instantly meet two guards, the dialogue inevitably results in a fight.
  • A short distance to the northeast from where you started there is a camp with a sleeping Orlan and a locked crate that contains 1800 cp and resting supplies. The crate has a level 14 lock, opening with Mechanics skills gives you 450 exp. Note: For the following, it is totally irrelevant if you have already opened the crate or not. If you talk to the Orlan you discover that he has a key on him, which opens the crate. If you choose to quietly approach him, you can choose who you send (yourself or anyone from the party who is close enough).
  • This character will need [Stealth 12] to avoid stepping on a dry twig, thus waking him up. If this happens at daytime, he will see you, then you have several options (following requirements are also checked only on the character you have chosen):
    • [Call to Slumber] (a Wizard's spell, needs to be active in the currently equipped grimoire) -> ??? (I couldn't choose anything, maybe it's bugged?)
    • [Puppet Master] (a Cipher's ability) -> you make him fall asleep again
    • [Wild Sprint] (a Barbarian's ability) -> you charge and kill him
    • [Long Stride] (a Monk's ability) -> you charge and kill him
    • If you have a Hunting Bow equipped, you can shoot and kill him silently
    • Charge him (no requirement), but you turn out to be too slow, and he will yell for help. This ends the dialogue and starts a fight with him, which enemies in the vicinity will join into.
    • Do nothing. This also results in a fight.
If he wakes up at nighttime, he will not recognise you and think you are part of his dreams and fall asleep again, then you have the same options as with [Stealth 12]
    • Try to take the key. Success requires [Dexterity 17]. He will sleep on, but will awake and join the fight when you attack nearby enemies. If you fail, he will start the fight.
    • Try to kill him silently. Success requires [Might 17]. You can loot the key (quest item) from his body afterwards. If you fail, he will start the fight.
    • Walk away: this leaves him as is. The same character can approach him again without stepping on a twig again, but if you send someone else, that may occur again.
Reaching Concelhaut
  • You have two primary ways to achieve this. One includes forcing your way through the camp and several insanely high level fighters (making this a very high level area). There are two routes to take, one along the eastern side of the cliffs and the other to the west. The eastern route contains the command tent with the unsigned letter and the primary firing range and fighting ring where the mercs practice. The western goes through the outer camps and a ritual area on the cliffs between the fork. At any rate, Commander Baelorin waits at the entrance to the outer perimeter of the fortress, giving you a chance to approach and talk him. Once you are finished talking, he will attack.
  • Before you can enter the archmages keep, you need to fight your way through alguls and death guard.
  • There's a cave under the fortress.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Commander Baelorin: The leader of the Torn Bannermen.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Torn Bannermen:

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

  • There are two more crates locked with level 14, one near the command tent and one in the lower left corner. A key can be looted from Commander Baelorin that opens the one near the command tent. The one to the lower left is trapped with Ninagauth's Killing Bolt and can contain the Glanfathan Adraswen (but is probably random loot).
  • Unsigned letter: In the command tent.

Gallery[edit | edit source]