Court of the Penitents

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Court of the Penitents
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Main quest
Occurs in
Act 3
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Court of the Penitents is a main quest in Pillars of Eternity.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Complete The Assassin at Large.
  2. Gain the gods' favor in Council of Stars.
  3. Travel via the ferry in Oldsong to the Burial Isle.
  4. Make your way to the north of the map.
  5. Jump down the pit to Breith Eaman.
Note: Note that jumping into this pit before you've completed all of the quests above will result in the game abruptly ending and rolling the closing credits! You'll know you've reached the point where you can jump in the pit safely if there are two ghosts on the rim of the pit who talk to you before you jump in.

Journal[edit | edit source]

ID End Description

The Delemgan Sisters of Twin Elms know that Thaos has escaped into a subterranean path to an Engwithan location called Sun in Shadow, blocking access behind him.

The sisters revealed to me another way to reach him - perhaps even overtake him. The Burial Isle offers a path through the ruins of an ancient Engwithan prison, Breith Eaman. The route is perilous, but it may be the fastest way to Sun in Shadow, as it involves a long fall straight down.

My hallucinated memories are becoming more frequent now, barely distinguishable from the waking world. I am running out of time. I need to know what Thaos remembers about the past that we share, so that whatever it is that plagues my soul can be put to rest.

1 Travel to the Burial Isle.
10001 I've learned from Sîdha and Rîhenwn that the way into Sun in Shadow lies in the Burial Isle district. There is an ancient court there that can lead me to Thaos.
20000 Dorvahl, guard and bargeman of Oldsong, has told you that the Burial Isle is unlike any other district of Twin Elms. The island is a burial ground for the anamfaths of the Six Tribes, and a dangerous place.
2 Find the Court of the Penitents.
10002 I've reached the shores of the Burial Isle. Somewhere in the island, the Court of the Penitents offers a way into Breith Eaman, and to Sun in Shadow.
20003 I have found a shortcut to the Court that appears to save me a dangerous journey.
3 Leap into the pit.
10003 At the center of the Court of the Penitents is a pit so deep that the bottom cannot be seen, nor does it make a noise when pebbles are knocked into it. The fall would surely kill anyone who jumped.
20004 It would likely take some form of divine intervention to be able to safely reach the bottom of this pit.
30000 I've survived the fall to the bottom of the pit of the Court of the Penitents.