Council of Stars

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Council of Stars
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Main quest
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Act 3
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Council of Stars is a main quest in the third act of Pillars of Eternity.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Complete The Assassin at Large.
  2. Pray to the gods in Teir Evron in Elms' Reach.
  3. Complete at least one of their quests: A Servant of Death / Into the White Void / The Nest Above the Clouds / The Old Queen and the New King
  4. Return to Teir Evron and pray to the gods whose quests you have completed.
  5. Complete Court of the Penitents.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

You automatically get this quest after completing The Assassin at Large.

Enter Teir Evron (the Glanfathan temple) in Elms' Reach. Pick up the Luminescent Adra Shard from the altar on the right, and place it into the pillar inside the big circle in the middle of the room. This activates four pulpits surrounding the circle. You can interact with each of them to speak to the god whose symbol is closest to it. (The remaining gods are not available.)

The first time you pray to each god, you must correctly recite their ritual words. You can figure these out by reading the books in the bookshelves on the left and top wall of this room, or from the lore you've already encountered throughout the game - or just consult the table below. If you recite the wrong words, the god will end the interaction abruptly and summon monsters to attack you.

Once you've gotten through to a god, they'll give you a quest which you can complete in order to gain their favor. The four available gods are:

Deity Ritual words Quest received
Galawain "Survival begins with strength from within." The Old Queen and the New King
Hylea "Live every note of life's song." The Nest Above the Clouds
Berath "There is life in death, and death in life." A Servant of Death
Rymrgand "All life ends in stillness." Into the White Void

Note that you only need the favor of one of the Gods in order to continue the main story, but feel free to do all four of those quests if you want. After completing one or more of them, return to Teir Evron and pray again to the god(s) who gave it to you. This will gain you their favor.

Furthermore, each of the gods whose quests you completed will make you an additional offer: They will give you a boon (making you more powerful), but in return you must promise to make your endgame choice according to their preference. The boon is given to the protagonist only (as a permanent passive talent that stacks with everything). If you accept such a proposal but then end up breaking your word, it will dramatically affect the end-game slides.

It was planned to gain Wael's Boon which gives +10 Defense against confusion, +1 Intellect if you do not take any the boons from the four gods. Unfortunately that possibility was cut from the game, and the boon is accesible only through console commands.

Deity Promise Boon for agreeing
Galawain Distribute essence to existing souls in Dyrwood to strengthen them +1 Might, +1 Athletics
Hylea Return souls to the bodies they were intended for +1 Lore, +1 Perception
Berath Send souls back into the reincarnation cycle +1 Resolve, +5 Defense against paralyze and petrify
Rymrgand Entropically disintegrate the souls, ending their existence +1 Constitution, +1 Survival

After you've completed one quest and discussed the resulting offer, you will be granted an additional 1458 experience points. On exiting Teir Evron you will have a surreal encounter with Iovara and one of her guards. A dialog will ensue.

Next, travel to the Burial Isle (from the pier in Oldsong). The Quest will complete when you jump into the pit (see also Court of the Penitents). WARNING! Jumping into the pit is a way of no return, it starts the endgame.

Journal[edit | edit source]

ID End Description

Sîdha and Rîhenwn, the delemgan of Elms' Reach, told me that Thaos has destroyed the route from Teir Evron to Breith Eaman. To reach him, I will have to descend through the pit in the Burial Isle.

That requires the aid of the gods.

1 Pray to the gods in Teir Evron.

The delemgan sisters explained that no mortal can survive the descent to Breith Eaman. The gods, however, can grant me safe passage.

To ask for their favor, I'll need to pray to them in Teir Evron, where they are said to commune with mortals.

2 Earn divine favor.
10002 It seems the gods want something from me, as well. To earn favor, I'll have to complete the task given to me in the vision.
20000 Berath gave me a vision of a dwarf and an elf on an eerie road. Both perished at my touch.
20001 Galawain showed me a battle between a great lion and a mighty bear.
20002 Hylea revealed a mountaintop temple beset by a terrible menace.
20003 At Rymrgand's shrine, I saw a procession of pale elves perish before a wall of ice.
3 Descend the pit in the Burial Isle to Breith Eaman.

Now that I have divine favor, I can travel to the Burial Isle and pursue Thaos.

It seems, however, that the gods are willing to offer great power in exchange for a promise to deal with the stolen souls in the manner of their choosing. There would, however, be a price for betrayal.

20004 I promised to return the souls to the cycle in exchange for Berath's power.
20005 I agreed to use the souls to strengthen the Dyrwood in exhange for Galawain's power.
20006 I swore to Hylea that I would return the souls to Hollowborn children. She gave me her power.
20007 I vowed to give the souls over to Rymrgand's entropy in exchange for his power.
20008 I have learned that the Burial Isle can be reached from Oldsong.
30000 I've chased Thaos into Breith Eaman. There's no turning back now.