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Copperlane is the market district of Defiance Bay. It is the first district available upon entering the city.

Background[edit | edit source]

Primarily a market district, with the Dozens' expedition hall, public amphitheater, and the biggest library in Dyrwood: the Hall of Revealed Mysteries.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • This is a rich market area of the proud city of Defiance Bay, defined by a large canal cutting right through the heart of the district. You can find Rowan right by the entrance, who gives you a quick pitch about joining the Dozens and introduces the major districts of the city. Right over the bridge is the Goose and Fox, the local watering hole.
  • Beyond lies the sprawling Copperlane marketplace, hungry for your coppers, with the Admeth's Den Expedition Hall looming over it. Available merchants are Lora, Narmer, Igrun, and Peregund, if you helped her out.
  • To the northwest of the marketplace is Purnisc's House, involved in a quest. To the southeast is the Thieves' Hideout.
  • To the northwest lies the largest library in Defiance Bay, The Hall of Revealed Mysteries, with the adjacent dormitory for scriveners and Lumdala's House. Right by it is the exit to First Fires.
  • To the southwest lies the entrance to Copperlane Catacombs and the adjacent exit to Brackenbury.

Copperlane Marketplace[edit | edit source]

The Marketplace is located just outside of Admeth's Den and features various merchants. Peregund will only be available after completing Ferry Flotsam.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Companion reactions[edit | edit source]

Some companions have a special comment upon visiting the gates for the first time:

  • Aloth: "Ah, Defiance Bay. I miss Aedyr already."
  • Sagani: "Those walls surround the whole city?"
  • Kana Rua: "The city of defiance... Crown jewel of the Dyrwood. If you ask the locals, anyway."
  • Durance: "Defiance Bay. If ever there were a dry field in need of a cleansing flame, you have found it."
  • Edér: "Huh. It used to be... a lot less of a mess."

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Loose Flagstone: [Hidden stash next to the theater arena]

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