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Pillars of Eternity console

Pillars of Eternity. However most console commands are classified as "cheats", and the command iroll20s must first be entered into the console to activate those.

WARNING: Activating the console cheats causes achievements to be disabled for that game, not only for the session. Though entering iroll20s another time or reloading a subsequently created savegame will disable cheats again, the achievements remain blocked unless a savegame from before using the command initially for the affected play through is chosen.
WARNING: Using console commands may mess up your game.

Opening the console[edit | edit source]

For most keyboard layouts the default key that opens the console is either above tab, to the left of the 1 key (e.g. ~ on a US keyboard); or below P, to the right of the L key (e.g. ö on a Swedish keyboard).

To rebind the console key, go to Options (by pressing Esc if ingame) > Controls > Interface > Toggle Console, and bind it to your key of choice.

Note that after pressing the console key, the Enter key must be pressed before entering a command (and then again to input the command).

List of commands[edit | edit source]

Note: Some commands accept only exact internal character designations (capitalization matters), use the "FindCharacter" command to find them.
Command Description
Iroll20s Allows you to use all of the commands on this list and disables achievements.
ActivateStronghold Grants access to Stronghold screen (if player hadn't acquired it yet).
AddAbility <target> <abilityname> Grants the <target> an ability. "addability player defender" - will give the player character the Defender ability, also works with talents.
AddExperience <value> Adds <value> experience.
AddExperienceToLevel <value> Adds enough experience to reach level <value>.
AddItem <itemname> <amount> Adds <amount> items with name <itemname> to inventory. Not working in Deadfire. Use "GiveItem item", it work.
AddTalent <talent> Grants the player character the given talent.
AddToParty <name> Adds the specified character to your party. Example: AddToParty NPC_Medreth
AdjustPrestige <value> Increases or decreases Stronghold prestige by <value>.
AdjustSecurity <value> Increases or decreases Stronghold security by <value>.
AdvanceTimeByHours <numberofhours> Advance in-game time by <numberofhours> hours.
Areatransition <areaName> <startpoint> Teleports the party to the <areaName> map at <startpoint>.

<startpoint> can be one of: North1, North2, South1, South2, East1, East2, West1, West2.

AttributeScore <playername> <attributename> <amount> Set an attribute of a target to value X e.g. "AttributeScore Player Might 18" - will give the player character a base Might score of 18). (Companions need to follow a syntax of Companion_<name>. Certain companions have different command names compared to their actual name, e.g. Grieving Mother is "Companion_gm".)
CraftingDebug Adds high amount of all crafting ingredients to stash.
DealDamage <id> <value> Example: DealDamage NPC_Medreth_Guard_Man 200
Difficulty <level> Changes the difficulty to the selected level.

<level> can be one of: Easy = 0, Normal = 1, Hard = 2, PathOfTheDamned = 3.

DispositionAddPoints <disposition_type> <level> Sets the selected disposition to the specified level.

<disposition_type> can be one of: Benevolent, Cruel, Clever, Stoic, Aggressive, Diplomatic, Passionate, Rational, Honest, Deceptive. <level> can be one of: Minor = 1, Average = 3, Major = 7.

FindCharacter <name> Finds the proper character designation for use in other commands. Example: "FindCharacter Medreth".
FreeRecipesToggle Allows crafting without having the ingredients.
GivePlayerMoney <value> Adds <value> money.
God Makes party members invulnerable.
HealParty Heals the party.
Invisible Makes the party invisible: No visible cloaking effect, but enemies will not attack. (Event and conversation triggers still happen.)
Kill <id> Kill NPC_Medreth_Guard_Man
LevelUpSoulbind <id>(Clone) Advances a soulbound item to the next level, the item must be bound to a character. Example: LevelUpSoulbind px1_hunting_bow_stormcaller(Clone).
ManageParty Opens the party management screen.
NoDamage <0/1> Toggles invulnerability on (1) or off (0) for all characters, including non-party npcs.
NoFog Removes the Fog of War. Note that this does not work in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, instead you need to use other console commands.
OpenCharacterCreation Allows recreation of the Player character. Note that all worn items and player inventory will be lost.
OpenCharacterCreationNewCompanion <cost> <level> The first parameter represents how much it will cost if the player does hire this companion. The second one stands for what level the companion will be. Example: OpenCharacterCreationNewCompanion 0 8
OpenContainer <id> Opens specified container. Example: OpenContainer chest_01.
RemovePlayerMoney <value> Decreases player's money by <value> coppers.
RemoveTalent <target> <talent/ability> Removes the specified talent or ability from the target character. Only works with exact internal character designations.
ReputationAddPoints <faction> <axis> <value> Adds reputation for the specified faction. For axis, set positive or negative depending if you want to increase or lose reputation. Example: ReputationAddPoints GildedVale Positive 4
Rest Forces rest no matter where you are and no matter what your supplies are.
RevealAll Reveals all traps and hidden caches.
RevealWorldMapFogofWar Reveals all fog of war on the main map.
SetTime <timewanted> Advances the game time, the parameter is in milihours (eg. 9 AM is 9000, 1 PM 13000). A day has 26 hours.
SetZoomRange <minValue> <maxValue> Modifies the zoom range you can reach with the mouse wheel. Smaller numbers mean more zoomed in, larger numbers mean more zoomed out. Example: SetZoomRange 0.1 200. The default is 0.75 1.5.
Skill <target> <skillname> <value> Sets a selected skill of a target to value. "skill player athletics 6" - will give the player character a base Athletics score of 6). Modifiers from classes, leveling and items will be added to this number.
ToggleScaler <scalername> Forces high level scaling. Example: ELMSHORE_HIGH_LEVEL, ACT3_HIGH_LEVEL, ACT4_HIGH_LEVEL, PX1_HIGH_LEVEL, PX2_HIGH_LEVEL
UnlockAll Unlocks all containers in the area.
UnlockAllMaps Unlocks all areas on the World Map.
UnlockBestiary Unlocks all Bestiary entries.
WorldMapSetVisibility <mapname> <visibility_type> Changes the visibility of an area on the World Map.

<visibility_type> can be one of: 0 = locked, 1 = unlocked, 2 = hidden, 3 = developerOnly.

StrongholdBuildAll Builds all buildings in Stronghold.
StrongholdBuild <building_id> Builds or destroys selected building in Stronghold.

<building_id> can be one of: Barbican, WestCurtainWall, SouthCurtainWall, Bailey, MainKeep, Barracks, Dungeons, BeastVault, Towers, Library, CraftHall, AritficersHall, Forum, MerchantStalls, CurioShop, TrainingGrounds, Chapel, HedgeMaze, BotanicalGarden, RoadRepairs, WardensLodge, WoodlandTrails, Bedding, AdditionalStorage, Hearth, Lab, CourtyardPool, EasternBarbican, Count.

StrongholdDestroy <building_id>
StrongholdForceAdventure <adventure_type> Starts random Stronghold adventure of selected category.

<adventure_type> can be one of: Minor, Average, Major, Grand, Legendary.

StrongholdForceBadVisitor Forces random bad visitor event to occur in Stronghold.
StrongholdForcePayHirelings Forces "hirelings payday" event in Stronghold.
StrongholdForcePrisonBreak Random prisoner will escape from Stronghold's Dungeons (if player has anyone imprisoned).
StrongholdForceSpawnIngredients Forces spawning of ingredients in Stronghold's Curio Shop (regardless of whether it is built or not).
StrongholdForceVisitor <index> Forces visitor event with index <index> to occur in Stronghold.
StrongholdForceAttack <index> Forces attack event with index <index> to occur in Stronghold.

Item, Ability and Talent names can be found under PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle.

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Console Commands

Command Description
RefillShipSupplies Refills the ammunition, repair materials and medicine supplies of the player's ship.
GivePlayerShip (ship name) Gives the player a specific ship. shp_submarine_base for the submarine (spoilers from the Royal Deadfire Company line) and shp_galleon_ghost_ship for the ghost ship (spoilers from the Principi line).
findgamedata Useful for finding strings for items and abilities.
setclasslevel Allows you to set the level of class for a character. Also allows for enabling a class on a character. Setting true or false at the end of the command determines if it replaces all other classes or not. [Name] [Class] [Level] [True/False]
setsubclass Allows you to set the specific subclass of the named character. use FindGameData to get the exact string. [Name] [Class] [Subclass]
UnlimitedMoney Gives you unlimited coins.
Fog Clears the line of sight for as long as the game is running.
RevealAllFogOfWar Reveals all fog of war on the local map (does not disable LOS). Replaced NoFog in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
KillAllEnemies Kills all the enemies that are on the current map.
NoShipDamage 1/0 Enables/Disables no damage for any ship in a ship duel.
RemoveAllInjuries Removes all injuries for your crew.
GiveSailorTales Gives your crew ranks in their currently assigned job.
GiveItem Gives the party the indicated item. Replaces AddItem in Deadfire.
AddPlayerShipUpgrade Gives selected ship upgrade. Example: SHP_Defiant SHP_UP_cannon_Durgan. [command] [ship] [upgrade].

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