Clîaban Rilag inscriptions and reliefs

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This page lists Clîaban Rilag inscriptions and reliefs to avoid cluttering the main article.

Transcripts[edit | edit source]

Location Level Transcript Type
Entrance Upper "How can the people of virtues resist the profane and lawless?

Where can the elm dig its roots that the storms cannot wash them out?"

Northwestern chamber Upper

"Savages massed at the gates with their arrows and swords and spears,

Yearning for conquest and plunder. Their chieftains and warriors feared not Vengeance of gods nor the wrath of their enemies. Death would not punish them."

Locked armory Upper "Hungering always for nations and gold. They were ruthless and fearless." Inscription
Passageway leading to the depths Upper "Never could Pykos accord with their chiefs. Can a people find order when Sunset brings darkness but never a map in the stars of the sky?" Inscription
Corner near the entrance to the lower levels Upper "Never the spirit and always the flesh are a people of lowered eyes." Inscription
Entrance to the main chamber Lower A series of pictographs, simple but clear, are carved on a column in this alcove. Figures of men and women with their arms raised are carved into the top of the column. Suits of armor in the same pose have been chiseled into the bottom. Relief
Passageway between the adra chamber and the smithy Lower Scenes from a battle appear on this column. An army of men in loincloths and hides is gathered, dwarfed by a dozen full suits of armor that loom over them. In the descending images, the armors crush the army. Relief
Smithy Lower "Fighters in iron, relentless and fierce as the thousands of foes." Inscription
Smithy Lower Images of men and women swinging hammers and heating iron over a forge fill this alcove. Relief
Sacrificial chamber Lower The pictograms in this alcove portray a procession marching to an altar. A lone figure lies upon the altar, and another member of the procession drives a dagger into his heart. Something flows from the dying man into a white stone perched above the altar. Relief
Sacrificial chamber Lower "Time was a veil to the godless. No blessings to reap and no mercies to sow." Inscription
Corridor in the assembly area Lower A column of hieroglyphs shows men and women standing in a line and descending into a pool. The figures that emerge below it stand with outstretched arms and triumphantly serene expressions. Relief
Cleansing pool Lower "Leaving their bodies to offer their souls and forsaking the weakness of

Flesh and enfeebling of bone. The barbarian godless succumbed at last."

Assembly chamber Lower The images in this alcove depict a row of pale stones surrounding a suit of armor. Something flows from the stones and into the armor, imbuing it with a golden halo. Relief