Cinders of Faith

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Cinders of Faith
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Side quest
Occurs in
Act 2
Quest giver
NPCs involved
Experience gained
XP type
XP level
Outcomes & Rewards
Finish the quest
Pick the first or the third dialogue option when returning to Fyrga
Pick the second or the fourth dialogue option when returning to Fyrga

Cinders of Faith is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Fyrga in the Ducal Palace to begin this quest.
  2. The name of the location from Fyrga's vision is yet unknown, but the journal hints to the expedition hall in Copperlane. Ask Wenan, and he wants to sell you a map, with the exact place marked, for 50 coppers (cp), also telling this map is locked away in a chest in the Den. You could steal it from there. (Wenan can only be asked as long as the Searing Falls aren't discovered yet on the world map by exiting the Woodend Plains to the south.)
  3. Once arrived at the Searing Falls, head to the northwest section of the map to find the Searing Falls Cave. You will have to fight through a few groups of drakes and xaurips.
  4. Inside the cave fight your way through more xaurips and Flame Blights until you come across Cail the Silent. Kill him, and you will find a fragment of the Godhammer. There is the unique great sword Tidefall hidden among the gold coins.
  5. Return the fragment to Fyrga. She will give you the unique flail, Unforgiven.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Id Description
10000 Fyrga has had visions of a cave at a place with multicolored pools and a rising waterfall. She believes that something there would restore her faith, but she also believes that something else there would try to kill her. If I were to find this item for her, she might be able to resume her duties and resurrect the sacred fires of Defiance Bay.
10006 I found the cave behind the falls. It's sweltering in here, but Fyrga was certain I'd find a sign of her goddess here. She was also certain I'd find something incredibly dangerous. I should be cautious.
10007 Fyrga was correct in both of her predictions - I found a strange, glowing stone and a massive drake guarding it. The beast seemed almost reverent of this "spark."
20001 Durance explained that the glowing stone is actually a fragment of the Godhammer bomb, a powerful weapon that was built with Magran's divine aid. I can see why Fyrga would find this meaningful.
20002 Fyrga didn't know where to find the place she saw in her vision, but someone at the expedition hall might know.
20003 I found a map pinpointing the location of a place called Searing Falls. It's a long journey, but at least I know where it is now.
20004 Wenan of the Dozens showed me where to find Searing Falls, the place Fyrga saw in her vision.
30000 I reminded Fyrga that the Godhammer fragment itself was proof of Magran's power and wonder. Fyrga took heart from this and was able to rekindle the sacred fires.
30001 I reminded Fyrga that Magran puts her followers through trials and that Waidwen's Legacy is one such trial. Fyrga took heart from this and was able to rekindle the sacred fires.
30002 The Godhammer fragment was meaningless to Fyrga because she'd done nothing to seek it. Fyrga realized that, in giving her burden to me, she proved herself unworthy of Magran. She will eventually step down from her role as tranquil ardent.
30003 Even though Fyrga held a fragment of the Godhammer bomb, it did nothing to restore her faith. I had no answer for her. She will eventually step down from her role as tranquil ardent.
30004 Someone critically important to this quest has died.