Burning Bridges

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Burning Bridges
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Quest giver
NPCs involved
Outcomes & Rewards
Return the money to Rinco
Take the money
  • 2000 cp

Burning Bridges is a task in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Rinco, one of the vendors at the local market, claims to have been having a friendly round of cards at the tavern when he got into a fight with Mokeha, a high-ranking Huana villager.

He came out of that fight the clear loser. Bedridden, Rinco's asked me to retrieve the money Mokeha stole, in exchange for a portion of the winnings.

Rinco suggested I could find Mokeha in the Huana village to the northwest of Port Maje.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • While finding Mokeha can feel like a priority, the best way is to do a little digging. Head over to The Kraken's Eye and talk to Thorel to learn that he was actually playing cards against Mokeha, apparently looking for an easy victory and "looked real nervous" by the end of the game. Perhaps he wasn't expecting one of the Huana to know the game so well?
  • Head over to Sātahuzi and talk to Mokeha. When questioned about what happened, the Mataru will explain that she simply won a game of cards and the Vailian tried to get out of paying his dues by calling her a cheat, so she pummeled him senselessly in retaliation. At this point you have several options:
    • Point out that she was branded a thief, which she will balk at, then use Intellect 12 to point out that this is how Vailian law operates and compare that to Huana customs.
    • Then you can point out that he can't fight her on equal footing. She will consider this and realize this is like her fighting a Kuaru - improper. Eder likes this traditional approach. Aloth doesn't like this approach.
    • Point out that he will lose his home and then Diplomacy 1 or Intellect 11 to explain that Vailians have to pay for their food and pay taxes, while Huana don't. You can also explain that he has a child to feed and has a lengthy recovery period in front of him.
    • Go to the chieftain and ask her to tell Mokeha to turn herself in.
    • Go to Eofania and ask her for a shark figure to trade with Mokeha.
    • Steal it from her house.
    • Attack Mokeha, saying you will challenge her on Rinco's behalf, she likes this, however it seems the whole town becomes hostile.
    • Pickpocket the pouch from Mokheha. This even works after you've convinced her to hand it over peacefully. You'll end up with two pouches in your inventory.
  • If you convince her peacefully to give up the pouch, she will also ask the chieftain to send a healer to fix him up.
  • Once you got the money:
    • Return to Rinco with the money.
    • Of course, you can always use Intimidate 2 to force Rinco to confess to Darmo and pocket the money.
    • Ignore Rinco and pocket the money. Similar to enchanting items, there's a "Take Money" button on the description page of the pouch.