Broodmother's Fury

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Broodmother's Fury
PE2 Broodmothers Fury.png
Occurs in
Act 2
Quest giver
NPCs involved
Outcomes & Rewards
Release the lagufaeth and strike a truce
Kill the broodmother

Broodmother's Fury is a quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Himuihi worries that the lagufaeth of Tikawara pose a grave threat to the village. She wants the broodmother dead. Himuihi wants to eliminate the lagufaeth of Tikawara. She told me the broodmother lives in a ravine on the island - killing her should scatter the rest of the creatures.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • This quest is simple on the surface: Simply go to the Hōhina Ravine in the northwestern part of Tikawara Island and wipe out the lagufaeth. Fight through two waves of lagufaeth, then you can talk to the Lagufaeth broodmother in the northwestern corner.

Peaceful route[edit | edit source]

  • You'll be able to talk to her and figure out that she wants you to free the lagufaeth hatchlings at Tikawara. You can agree to that in return for the tribe calling off its campaign of aggression against the village.
  • Regardless, return to Himuihi. To release the lagufaeth, you need 4 Diplomacy and Insight, an orlan race, or 4 Intimidate. Otherwise, you can tell her that they will leave the village alone and when she opposes it, use 4 Survival or Ranger to point out that they are reclusive by nature and will likely stay away. If you succeed, she will give you the Lagufaeth Cage Key to release them. They will make a run for it and meet the broodmother at the beach, who will then thank you and leave Baubles of the Fin behind for you to collect.

Alternate Route:

  • You can avoid fighting lagufaeth at the Hōhina Ravine entirely if you free the lagufaeth hatchlings before leaving the village. The lock on the door is Difficulty 3 (Mechanics 3) and you are able to stealth next to it to avoid any reputation loss, as Pekeho moves away to the crate.
  • Once the lagufaeth are free, talk to Himuihi, accept the quest, and travel to Hōhina Ravine. The lagufaeth in the ravine will be non-hostile (one of the hatchlings greets you) and you will be able to walk up to the broodmother without incident. Tell her you freed the hatchlings and she will agree to avoid the village and award you the Baubles of the Fin, at which point the quest completes.

Hostile route[edit | edit source]