Broken Stone War

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Broken standing stones
Date 2626 AI
Location Dyrwood
Eir Glanfath
Result ongoing conflict between the settlers and Glanfathans
Aedyran Colonists Eir Glanfath
Edrang Hadret Galven Regd
Aedyran Guards
Aedyran Colonists
Glanfathan Troops
several thousand hundreds
Connected events
War of the Black Trees

The Broken Stone War was a conflict that was fought in 2626 AI, approximately 197 years before the beginning of Pillars of Eternity in 2823 AI.

History[edit | edit source]

The war was sparked by the Aedyr Empire's practice of exploring and plundering Eir Glanfath's sacred ruins. Standing stones of adra were carelessly knocked down by early Dyrwoodan colonists, starting a conflict with the local Glanfathans that erupted into war.

During the conflict, soldiers in the Dyrwood reported wild tales of having their minds invaded, of seeing comrades lose control of themselves, of orlan and elven Glanfathan warriors wielding knives engulfed in purple flames that "cut away" the souls of their victims. As the case was, they had been terrorized by mind hunters—elite warriors of the Glanfathans. But as the war was a new experience for everyone involved, so many Dyrwoodans dismissed many of the more outlandish tales over time. But over the decades that followed, more settlers reported similar violent encounters with Glanfathan guerilla fighters.[1]

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