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Item Type Medium Armor
Base DR 8
Elemental DR Burn: 7
Freeze: 7
Shock: 8
Corrode: 8
Slash: 8
Pierce: 10
Crush: 8
Recovery Speed -40%
Value 40cp

Breastplate is a type of armor in Pillars of Eternity.

In-game Description[edit | edit source]

Breastplates are popular for offering a modest amount of protection without the restrictive movement of heavier mail and full suits of plate armor. Due to their widespread use by warriors from the Vailian Republic, the fashion of clothing and padding worn under breastplates typically reflects Vailian styles.

Types of Breastplate[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Damage Resistance Enhancements Notes Location
Breastplate armor icon.png Breastplate 8
  • None
  • Base breastplate
Breastplate armor fine icon.png Fine Breastplate 10
Breastplate hand and key icon.png Hand and Key 10
Breastplate armor exceptional icon.png Exceptional Breastplate 12
  • Exceptional: +4 Damage Reduction
Breastplate armor pallegina icon.png Pallegina's Breatplate 10
Breastplate osrics family icon.png Osric's Family Breastplate 12
Breastplate armor elardh dwr icon.png Elardh Dwr 12
Breastplate blackwardens breastplate icon.png
Blackwarden's Breast 12 Worn by the commander of the Iron Flail fort.
Breastplate ryonas breastplate icon.png
Ryona's Breastplate 12 - 14

Corpse in Isolated Pedestal, Whitestone Hollow [WM2]

Gallery[edit | edit source]