Bounty: Songsmith Roska

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Bounty: Songsmith Roska
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Quest giver
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Experience gained
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Outcomes & Rewards
Return Songsmith Roska's head
  • 2500 Copper pands (cp)
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Bounty: Songsmith Roska is a bounty in Pillars of Eternity.

Synopsis=[edit | edit source]

Songsmith Roska is a Norwaech chanter, infamous for looting Engwithan ruins. The Glanfathans at Ibrel's Well want her to pay for her crimes.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Speak to Warden Fyrgen in the restored Warden's Lodge in Caed Nua and accept this bounty task. He'll only offer it to you after you have completed all of his tier-1 bounty missions:

Once you have the task, travel to Clîaban Rilag, and approach the clearing across the stream, west of the campsite.
Songsmith Roska (a 10th level chanter) and her party hide out there, and attack as soon as they see you.

The full enemy line-up (on Hard difficulty)

Defeat them, and pick up his head from the bodies (1962 xp, loot: 6800+ Copper pands (cp) consisting of mostly fine weapons/armor, exceptional plate armor, cash). Take the grimoire Sapper's Tome from one of the Norwaech Sappers.

Bring the head back to Warden Fyrgen at Caed Nua to collect your reward (2500 Copper pands (cp), 3924 xp, therefore 5886 total experience).

(given xp numbers were for a party of 6 at level 11, so base values are probably a higher number, need to be verified)