Bounty: High Arcanist Ysly

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Bounty: High Arcanist Ysly
Quest bounty high arcanist ysly.jpg
Quest giver
NPCs involved
Experience gained
XP type
XP level
Outcomes & Rewards
Return Ysly's head
  • 2750 coppers (cp)
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Bounty: High Arcanist Ysly is a bounty task in Pillars of Eternity.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Complete Warden Fyrgen's tier-3 bounties.
  2. Talk to Warden Fyrgen at Caed Nua.
  3. Kill Ysly in the Tower in Heritage Hill (2nd floor).
  4. Bring her head to Warden Fyrgen.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Speak to Warden Fyrgen in the restored Warden's Lodge in Caed Nua and accept this tier-4 bounty task. He'll only offer it to you after you have completed all of his tier-3 bounties:

Once you have the task, travel to Heritage Hill, enter the tower, and go up to the second floor.
Ysly (an 11th level wizard) and her party hide out there, and attack as soon as they see you:

The full enemy line-up (on Hard difficulty)

Defeat them, and pick up her head from the bodies. (?? Party experience)

Bring the head back to Warden Fyrgen at Caed Nua to collect your reward. (2750 coppers (cp), ?? Party experience, and ?? total experience )