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Bounties are a special type of tasks in Pillars of Eternity.

They are meant for players who are looking for some challenging combat, and are given in batches: You only get the next batch once you have completed all bounties of the current batch from the same commissioner.

Commissioners[edit | edit source]

Available bounties[edit | edit source]

Bounty Location Boss Notable loot Reward XP
Warden Fyrgenbatch 1
Nalrend the Wise Elmshore
inside the cave
Ogre shaman
level 10
- 2250 cp 2250 + 4500
Sly Cyrdel Magran's Fork
near the Adra pillars
level 9
Drake's Bell 2250 cp 2250 + 4500
The Dweller Black Meadow
north-east clearing
Forest lurker
level 9
- 2250 cp 2250 + 4500
Warchief Iklak Valewood
near the Xaurip camp
Xaurip priest
level 10
Ivory Wurm Figurine 2250 cp 2250 + 4500
Warden Fyrgenbatch 2
Daroth Grimault Copperlane Catacombs
near the Leaden Key entrance
level 12
- 2500 cp 2000 + 4000 Verify
Glasdial Lle a Rhemen
lower level of the ruins
level 10
- 2500 cp 2000 + 4000 Verify
Songsmith Roska Clîaban Rilag
west of the campsite
level 10
Exceptional Plate 2500 cp 2000 + 4000 Verify
Thorfen Esternwood
level 10
Coat of Ill Payment 2250 cp 2000 + 4000 Verify
Warden Fyrgenbatch 3
Captain Muārumi Anslog's Compass
inside the cave
level 11
Pliambo per Casitàs 2750 cp 2000 + 4000 Verify
Devŵen Northweald
inside the cave
level 11
- 2750 cp 2000 + 4000 Verify
Foemyna Woodend Plains
on the north road
level 11
The Rain of Godagh Field 2750 cp 2000 + 4000 Verify
Galen Dalgard Madhmr Bridge
near the cross-roads
level 11
Old Gerun's Wall 2750 cp 2000 + 4000 Verify
Warden Fyrgenbatch 4
High Arcanist Ysly Heritage Hill tower
2nd floor
level 11
Pretty Pretty's Rib 2750 cp 2000 + 4000 Verify
Naroc the Prophet Cilant Lîs
at the Engwithan machine
level 12
Elardh Dwr, Stag Helm 2500 cp 2000 + 4000 Verify
Sserkal Pearlwood Bluff
north-west corner
level 12
Gwisk Glas 2500 cp 2000 + 4000 Verify
Tealdorbatch 1
Meztla [WM1] Durgan's Battery
north-east of the bridge
level 14
Forgotten Tear of the Beloved
The Gleaming Society [WM1]
led by Ulmar
Longwatch Falls
south-east terrace
level 13
Sandals of the Forgotten Friar
Tealdorbatch 2
Disciples of the True Flame [WM1]
led by Firedorn
Longwatch Falls
east edge
level 13
4000 cp
Laenric [WM1] Russetwood
north-east of the pond
level 14
4000 cp
Ascabatch 1
Magran's Faithful [WM2]
led by Roedwith
Searing Falls
center of the map
level 19
Maegfolc Skull 5600 cp
The Terror of Whitestone Hollow [WM2] Whitestone Hollow
by the avalanche site
Ice blight
level 18
- 4800 cp
Ascabatch 2
Brynlod [WM2] Dyrford Crossing
south-west corner
level 21
The Wind's Arm 6300 + 12600
Lafda [WM2] Ondra's Gift
south-west docks
Redwater Lagufaeth [WM2] Whitestone Hollow
south of the lake
Lagufaeth broodmother
level 18
- 6200 cp 4950 + 9900

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